Any "Graded" Listening Practice Recommendations?

Hi all,

I just recently purchased a set of graded readers that I plan to utilize with my studies as I progress though WK. I felt like it would be a nice supplement to all the kanji practice I’ll be doing with this program. I was wondering if you all have any recommendations in terms of listening practice. I know that the graded readers already have audio included, but I would like to have some material that is strictly dedicated to listening.

I usually find basic grammar videos on YouTube, but I am looking for more “natural” things to listen to, while still being at a beginner stage.

Thanks in advance!! :grin:


Someone recommended the Nihongo con Teppei podcast, and the beginner one was easy for me to follow. I do not know what kind of background vocabulary you have, but it might be a fun challenge for your level to see what you can pick out?


Sambonjuku is probably the best for this. Almost all of his videos are completely in Japanese and he speaks really clearly.

For the absolute beginner, these videos are great. Even if you know the grammar rule, it’s great listening to the explanation in Japanese and being able to follow along.

Once you get past these, my favorite series of his is 日本語おもしろい. It covers a variety of topics and, again, really easy to understand.


Thank you! I’ll check this out! I have been studying Japanese for a few years but I stopped for a while and lost a lot. I am starting fresh and treating myself like a beginner. So I’m looking into all levels!

Awesome! Thank you for sharing I will look into this channel today!

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