Looking for an online forum used by native Japanese speakers

Anyone have a recommendation for a Japanese language forum? One used by native speakers rather than one for learners, unlike the Japanese-only section of the forums here.

Something like reddit or any community forum (I used to lurk in The Wheel of Time fantasy novel forums a lot, for example). There’s a “popular in Japan” option for reddit, but there aren’t a lot of comments on those posts. I’m looking for a site with a lot of discussion among native speakers that I can browse.

Does anyone know any site like that?

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You can go on 2 chan http://www.2chan.net/ . Some of the stuff on there is people actually talking about stuff.

I’m not responsible for the things you come across on that site tho lol.


Have you tried looking at someones twitter feed?
You might find natural Japanese used in the comments.


This is decent. Each tab is a different category and native speakers are asking other native speakers about where to go for vacation, what to do if their kid is not doing well in school, etc. Great for practice reading real Japanese.


Something like reddit

It’s literally reddit :stuck_out_tongue:

You can just sub to people’s instagrams too.


My twitter consists of 80% Japanese artists at this point and honestly it’s such a huge help to my Japanese. Plus I get lots of amazing art in the process.


This is what I was talking about when I mentioned the “popular in Japan” option. Almost every post that comes up under that option is from r/newsokur. This is alright, but it’s rare for a post to have more than ten comments, usually fewer, and I’m not really looking for news, but rather discussion.

Instagram is good!

Twitter is a great idea! I don’t use twitter normally, but my girlfriend is subscribed to a lot of japanese accounts. Maybe I will try this…

Thank you! I’ll try this when I’m not at work lol

So, I’ve been searching for a place like that as well. I asked my Japanese friend a week or two ago, because I was tired of 2chan and twitter being my only sources for native Japanese discussions. The conversation went something like:

“Hey, what websites do Japanese people use to discuss things?”
“2chan and twitter.”
“Well duh lol. I meant besides that.”
“That’s it. It sucks because 2chan used to have a lot of great discussions but is pretty dead now because most people just use twitter.”
“Twitter’s awful for actual discussion though.”
“I know!”
“Don’t they have a website like reddit?”

Well, that’s just one person. There may be sites he’s not aware of, but they’re most likely very small hobbyist type places. I’m still looking to try to find smaller sites like that but it seems like these days most people use private rooms on discord / LINE or just post on twitter.


I came here to mention Twitter, but I was beat to it.

Yes, Japanese people love Twitter, and I think it’s an amazing resource for reading actual native material

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