How do you like to find native speakers?

I found a similar thread from last year that mentioned hellotalk and italki, but I wanted to see if people’s opinions on those have changed or if new resources have sprung up since then.

I realize that I’m probably not far enough along yet in my studies to have a coherent conversation, but I’d really like to try to connect with native speakers down the road, either through text or voice chat.

What are your preferred resources, especially for us Pleasants?


I spontaneously translate doujins and get in touch with their authors. They’re usually very flattered and happy to make conversation with me afterwards.
Of course, I find some that aren’t scanned illegally, since the japanese are very sensitive about piracy. Pixiv is a good place to find those artists, that aren’t very famous and would be happy to get that kind of attention and to discuss their works.

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I can’t escape them.

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there is a japanese language meetup that I go to occasionally

I lurk on twitter, sometimes I dare to talk to someone but not as often as I’d like. :see_no_evil:



Well, I guess that answers that question. We can all go home now. :laughing:


I’ve met some good friends through Conversation Exchange thought that was over 4 years ago and I’m not sure how active the site nowadays. If you want to practice starting today, italki “professional teacher” with good English skills should be able to help early beginners with a structured lesson plan. Usually “tutors” require some basic/intermed skills so I wouldn’t recommend it yet (though the prices are typically reduced). Living in a major city is a plus for face-to-face opportunities.

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