Is there a Japanese Only discussion thread?

Similar to the threads aimed at Beginners such as “how is the weather today?” (where there’s a main theme and topic to talk about and someone to help correct you - thanks mamimumason!), are there any that are aimed at intermediate/advanced learners? I’d also love a space to practice Japanese and have it be corrected since I find it quite helpful.

If there are threads that are active and I just somehow managed not to find them, sorry! I only started using the forums recently and am not completely familiar with everything yet. So I can appreciate people pointing me in the right direction.

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That’s the #japanese-language:japanese-only-advanced section. Just jump into one of those conversations or start one of your own. :slight_smile:


Wow this was super fast! Thank you :slight_smile: I guess this thread can be locked now, sorry mods? :sweat_smile:


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