Good forums like reddit or 4chan for Japanese

I remember when I was younger and improving my English, probably one of the most effective tools for doing this was reading posts in forums and then being able to reply to those posts.

I wonder if anyone here knows of a something like Reddit or 4Chan but in Japanese.
I’m aware of 5chan and tried using it but didn’t really understand the format or which the most active boards are, so if anyone is more familiar with that and could give me some pointers that would be great.

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So basically 2ch? I haven’t had much luck finding proper forums in Japanese but there’s tons of 2chan threads out there. Just type a topic into Google with the keyword “2ch”. You will need to figure out the slang though.

I believe 2ch has been renamed to 5ch now.
I will try your google method, thank you.

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Fun fact 4chan come from 2chan, which is kind of 4chan but in japanese (or so I heard).
So you should maybe look into it .
I hope it helps :smiley:

Whoa I didn’t know that. I haven’t really read threads there in a few years so I guess I’m out of the loop :sweat_smile: But yeah, finding anything through the main page was really confusing for me so I always relied on Google.

Yeah I’m not sure what really caused the name change aha.
Google seems like a good method to use until I get used to the format perhaps. Thanks!

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The cons of learning using forums is that you pick up all the grammar mistakes, but as you say it’s useful

Grammar mistakes only really happen in isolation so I’m not worried about forming habits out of occasional mistakes.

Just to be clear… 4chan was made as a counterpart to 2chan/Futaba channel which is not the same as 2ch/5ch…


That makes more sense, thank you for mentioning

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“Good forums like reddit or 4chan”

Not sure I agree with the premise :smiley:

Joking aside, a less-structured platform like Twitter might work for what you’re looking for. In the search bar, put some hiragana or kanji text, see what comes up, follow some people, in no time you’ll be in Japanese Twitter.


I agree that neither is good, yet I think that both are great. I don’t understand

That’s not a bad idea either. I’ve never used twitter before but this might be a good reason to start. Thank you.


i’ve also never used twitter and only recently thought about creating one solely to follow all the japanese artists I love. I feel like the 280 character limit is great for reading comprehension. Thanks @ctmf

No exactly what you’re looking for, but there are a ton of twitter accounts and local facebook pages that I use to practice reading Japanese. They usually use a little less slang too/.

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You can find a lot of Japanese users in the fediverse. You can use to find Japanese speaking instances.

If you don’t know what Mastodon is, you can read about it here Basically it is like an open-source Twitter. Instead of Tweets there are Toots!

There’s I guess…

Nah man, its all about 5ちゃねる

Need a Japanese VPN to browse the boards though.

On reddit there’s

My VPN was already set to Japan so I totally forgot…
Anyway, OP, when you go to 5chan there is a guide/faq that will help explain somethings.
From the main page click the center and then look at the various topics along the left side. Just book mark the ones that interest you. At the bottom of each page you can enter a response.
As for what “1:612レスCP:9” means, Idk yet. Just started looking at 5ch recently (as in twice lol)
What exactly is it that you wanted clarification on though?