Japanese Forums? Hobbies in japanese


Hello everyone.

I’ve been wondering lately If the same amount of time I spend in this forum (more than I would like to admit), either lurking or actually doing something else, could be gradually be changed for another forum in japanese… been learning japanese and all… seems a solid step :laughing:

Does anyone participate in any forum IN japanese. Do you guys know about forums for different hobbies (cooking, bakery, music, film, etc)? So I can start my lurking journey :sweat_smile:

If someone has done this… how was that experience?


I’m pretty active on 2ch. It’s good for learning ultra casual japanese and slang you wouldn’t encounter elsewhere.
Also they spot easily if you’re a waito piggu filthy gaijin, so trying to phrase your sentences as informal as possible is a good conversational exercise… just don’t get TOO used to it or your good polite habits might erode w

I also found that the anonymity decreases the pressure. If you’re participating on a regular forum, you’ll be branded within your first mistakes as that inept gaijin, a reputation that will stick forever, but on 2ch, everything fades away.


I could never figure out how to actually access 2ch.


Is it possible to acces outside of Japan??

I went to the new website


But I was getting nothing. Then I tried to use the VPN and the Japan IP … and voila!! why would they region block the content??

EDIT: ok, pretty much the same here: