Looking for a learning partner :)

Hi everyone! First time posting on here. I’m looking for someone to learn Japanese with since I was learning with my boyfriend before but we have since broken up T-T. I have been using WK for almost 6 months now and am at level 7, and I also use the Genki 1 textbook to learn grammar and conversational Japanese. Overall, I would say I am a beginner and I am looking for someone at roughly my level. I would love to have video calls or chat in Japanese, where we could practice exercises from the Genki textbook together, or find a way to incorporate kanji practice.

I took a break from WK for the last 2 months because I lost my motivation for learning. But I’m hoping that finding someone to learn with will bring it back! I love the Japanese language and culture so I still wanna keep going!!



Welcome to the community!

I wish you luck finding someone who can study Genki alongside you! But even if not, hanging around the forums is still a good way to get support from all of the wonderful people here who can answer questions.

When you start to feel like branching out from textbooks, be sure to check out the Absolute Beginner Book Club. We try to pick books that are fairly approachable for beginners to start reading, and we try to make it even more accessible by having an active community of folks who are willing to answer any questions that may come up as we read!

Outside of that, I’m a bit further along than you, and I crashed out of Genki hard because textbooks and I don’t get on, but I would definitely be up for chatting here and there. :grin:

Best of luck with your Japanese studies! 頑張ってね!


Video calls or chat with another learner?

I think book clubs have a read-aloud Discord somewhere. jpdb.io has another one. Maybe also others.


I started learning Japanese with my daughter. We had a local tutor and Genki 1 with the workbooks. We were at lesson 9 with plans to go to Japan when COVID hit.

She graduated high school and is no longer interested in learning Japanese, so I know how it feels to lose your learning partner. Genki in particular has “pair work” and rewards having at least one other person with you.

I also took some time off, but still kept going with WaniKani. I use Genki to review and have now started reading manga. I’m joining my first book club with “Horimiya”, which starts later this month. Don’t hesitate to join! It isn’t easy to read manga at our level, and requires some patience and determination to constantly use Jisho (or a translation tool). However, after only a few days, I have already learned so much just from trying to read.

Be sure to post here again with an update!