Genki 1 Study Group?

Hello friends!

So, I’m really sad. At the college I attended, halfway through my time there they discontinued the Japanese course. It’s been so difficult to keep on task by myself and to finish it, but I’m determined.
Then I thought, maybe it would be fun to get people together who are close to my level to study and master the book together! I’ll be starting out with Genki 1, but any beginner in Japanese is welcome, as long as you know your ひらがな and カタカナ of course, and you’re willing to put weekly time in! I understand this is super basic, but I hope that I’m not alone in this community that I’m still very in the beginning levels of Japanese lol. I have completed Genki 1 before, but…I have a very crude understanding of the grammar after chapter 6, so it would be a great opportunity to master it and connect with other people who are similar to me!
Also, don’t worry if you want to join and don’t have a copy. It is very easy to find PDFs online.

My idea is that once a week ( at least, more would be amazing!) we can get together and practice conversation with the grammar points covered in the chapters we are working with so together we can get the mileage and motivate one another. After all, consistency is key. We can work out the best times all together!

If you’re interested, please join the discord server! It’s still in the process of being set up, but it’s the best time so we can include you in the decision of when to meet!

Thank you!


I’d like to, but I have no idea what a Discord channel is and how it works. I already have Genki I, but haven’t gotten very far in it yet.

I’d be interested as well. I have a discord account already and a Genki 1. (Perkele#6707)
I have been to Japanese classes before in which the book is used so i’m familiar with it.




Think of Discord as a Skype type of deal, but the groups feature is way more expanded and these groups called “servers” can be even thousands strong. In servers there can be multiple “channels”
You can have different chatrooms for certain topics like memes or your hobbies like drawing. These are channels.


Thanks. I learn something new every day.

Count me in. I have a Discord account but I haven’t used it in ages so I’ll have to rediscover it. I’ve got Genki 1 & the workbook (the answer key is currently somewhere between Sydney and Brisbane as it makes its way through Australia Post to me)

Fair warning: I am an absolute beginner. I haven’t studied Japanese (or any language that isn’t English) before. I might be too much of a noob, I’m afraid. I can read the kana, though

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What time zone are you in? Coordinating live sessions across continents can get challenging, hello Brisbane :slight_smile:

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That is why I put my country in my post. Most people who aren’t from NA know that most people who are from NA forget about most people who aren’t from NA, which is most people

+10 GMT


I’d be interested, but wouldn’t able to commit until June, unfortunately… Dx

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I like the idea. I’ve made a Discord account, Bolfoni#9255. But zone time might be a problem :frowning:


Hello! That’s a great idea. I studied Genki a few months ago but it was difficult for me to keep up without any motivation. I just added you on discord, mine is Tillo#3440.

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Completely new to this community, but really like the idea. Sent you an add on discord as well :slight_smile:

Edit: My Discord is Reg621#3942

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First post here and just got to level 2 yesterday, I have both genki 1 and 2 and plan on starting it, so this would be a neat time to do so.

I’d be interested! Started studying Japanese (again) this year and we’re using Genki 1. I’m in Australia (New South Wales). Just set up a discord account beatskipt#7320.


I’ll do my best! I added you on Discord.

I think I’ve got Genki 1 on my kindle, so I would love to join you guys! おねがいします!

Are we gonna set a schedule to make sure this might actually happen? :crabigator:

This comment made me laugh (and I’m from NA).

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I’m 6 weeks in to studying Japanese in an unstructured manner but I am (surprisingly) yet to master it . I’ve got forty cough years of English under my belt. Sometimes, I do okay :wink:

That’s why I would love it if we could iron out the creases with this study group - so I can be a smartarse in two languages

My Discord is Taulie#6566