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This week we’ll be watching the third episode of 弟者 playing Little Nightmares!

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He kinda sounds like Shunsui Kyōraku from Bleach. :smile:

クランチはどこだ? クランチと言えば、まあ なんだっけクランチチョコレート?おいしいよね :laughing:

I like the almost Homer Simpson-esque stream-of-conciousness feel of it :slight_smile:

(Also, pretty sure he meant to say クランク, not クランチ)

I’ve never seen bleach :sweat_smile: But google image searching the name I can see how the voice might fit!


I love how the game established so strongly that “noise = terrifying” when he opened that noisy hatch in the last episode, so now literally any sound at all has my hackles up :scream: except also you have to use sound to cover your movements, so quiet is also terrifying

Good job, game, good job. Sound and its absence are both now horrifying to me.


Okay, 2nd watch… go!

I don’t really understand this bit right near the beginning: from where he says



It doesn’t help that I have no idea what モウ is, to start off :sweat_smile: OH! Is it the sound the kid’s stomach makes? So he’s talking about the sound meaning she’s hungry? But then what is the part about writing, and the next bit…

It’s “maw”. It’s the name of the ship we’re on :slight_smile:

As for attempting to translate what he said:

“Maw” apparently means “stomach” and…

this is just filler, like えーと, あの etc

According to what’s officially written

I’m not sure of 限りだ. I thought it was the same as 限りでは (“according to” or similar) and it’s what seems to make sense to me in context. But apparently it means とても according to 日本語の森? :confused:

EDIT: Found it (I think)!. According to this, 限りだと does mean the same thing as 限りでは, so that settles that, I hope!

more filler

these fat guest come

Anyway, from what I gather, the gist of what he says is that “maw” supposedly means “belly” and that he’s read somewhere official that there are fat guests that come there.


Woah, thank you. I was about to ask how on earth we know the ship is called Maw…

But I guess that answers that!

Edit: I love how at this part you can totally hear him just about lose it :joy:

Question: at 19:12… “licking… Incan… people”??!



I enjoyed this week. He is funny.

Also, @Radish8, it seemed like he was referencing another video game or something and saying that if you don’t get the reference look up “Cry of Fear” or something like that.


Dunno what it is, but he does follow up by referring to his Cry of Fear videos, and indeed those are what pops up when I google ペロペロインカミン:

ペロペロインカミンなあに?って方は、あの「Cry of Fear」って私でちょっと検索してもらえれば リマスターというか見やすくして ええ、お送りしております

I must admit I’m not 100% sure how all this fits together… specifically what’s the 私で doing there? It seems to be something like “For those who are now going ‘what’s a pero pero inkamin?’ if you search for ‘Cry of Fear’ (with me?), (I did an) easy to view remaster version(?)”… anybody feel up to explaining this? :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think it’s fun how those two words sound the same. And I was also at first like “kekkon?!?”. And then realized that he was referring to the bloodstains on the ground :slight_smile:

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I think he is saying he has a remastered playthrough maybe on his youtube channel (since he is おくりしておりますing it). One second, I will try to translate more thoroughly.

““To the viewers who are thinking “What is PeroPero Incans?” Um, if you look up Cry of Fear at me (on my youtube channel) there is a remastered, that is to say made easier to watch, uh, version presented there.””

This is how I take it at least.

Edit: He does indeed appear to have a playthrough.

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@TamanegiNoKame too - I did look up Cry of Fear as well, but all I could find out was that it was a survival horror game… perhaps the licky Incans will forever remain a mystery to us… Oh, sounds like maybe we can just watch his playthrough of that next :wink:

I’m really enjoying these videos, @crihak, thanks for introducing me to this guy / channel :blush:

Ah, another question though - at 21:36 he says 今なんかさっくんとやられる - what’s さっくん?


I have no dictionary or knowledge justification for this, just gut feeling, but I took it as sort of “roughly and suddenly”. Can’t find anything about it online. I guess this means we have to wait for @Naphthalene to tell us what it really means. :wink: :turtle: :umbrella:

Anyone have any ideas for the 構うもんか in 構うもんか。回せ。 ?

Is he using it to mean like “I don’t have time to spend on you” talking to the lever or something? That seems to make the most sense but feels weird to say to an inanimate object.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I guess that’s sort of what I thought… until I tried to explain/translate and could only produce nonsense! :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t have subtitles for all episodes (I only found them for the first). And it warns that it has terrible sound and image quality :slight_smile: so it might not be an optimal fit… (Anijya shows up after a few episodes as well, which probably makes the speech even harder to make out with more people speaking)

OTOH if we’re gonna continue this we will probably eventually have to figure out how to deal with unsubbed episodes anyway :slight_smile:

Really glad to hear it! One of the things I was hoping this series might accomplish was to show people who might otherwise not know it that let’s plays in general and Otojya in particular can be a fun way to get some Japanese exposure! :slight_smile:


I had a brief look through his playlists last week when I wanted to keep watching something, and I didn’t have any luck finding much else with subtitles :pensive: so this is probably true - unless we try begging via the comments for other viewers to create subs for us :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I never would have thought that I could find something like this so entertaining, given how terrible my listening ability is. It would not be nearly so good for me without the subs, but I watched an episode where a group of them tried to toast some bread (which didn’t have subs) and it was pretty funny regardless.

I thought he was talking to Mr Long Arms, perhaps? Like “is this is an issue? Why?” (referring to the noise) or maybe “you’re bothered by this?”, sort of thing? Total guess though, I wasn’t sure either.

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I tried subbing an unsubbed Japanese video recently, and it felt like good practice, but it was so slow! I did like 1 minute in about an hour! :rofl: :turtle:
In real speech, people mutter and stumble and cut off half way and pronounce things a bit weird occasionally. It is such a mess… :turtle:
Begging natives to sub in the comments has a certain comedic value for sure… :thinking: :turtle: :upside_down_face:



Very tense episode, had me on the edge of my seat xp

As for 構うもんか, I took it as him talking to himself ‘don’t pay attention to the noise (of long arms chasing him), just turn the lever!’ But that’s a very free translation I guess and it’s pure intuition.


Yeah, like I keep saying, what I like about LPs is that you don’t really have to understand that much at all to be entertained!

Yeah, this is my take on it as well, he does say it just as he hears it after all.

I’ll just add is that in case anyone isn’t already aware that ~もんか itself is a very strong rejection, like “like hell I will 構う”.


OK, I watched more thoroughly now and thought I’d add some further comments:

This took me a while to figure out, but it turned out to be the “rely on” meaning of 掛かる (that word with the gazillion meanings!)… seems like 私にかかれば is sometimes translated to “just leave it to me…” etc.

Anecdotally パターン is one of those words that has taken me a long time to really wrap my head around.

I mean, it’s kinda obvious that it’s the English word “pattern”. But for a long time the actual usage in Japanese (something like “a thing that usually happens” maybe?) was really hard for me to get a good grasp on.

Here I take it to mean something like “(based on previous experience with this sort of thing) I’m sure I won’t be able to return back”

Another one of those Otojya manga-esque quotes :slight_smile:

I thought it was interesting to see how he expressed this (with the 襲われる側).

I did feel kinda sorry for the long-armed guy as well. Definitely one of those moments in the game that stuck with me.