Little Nightmares Episode 4 Discussion


This week we’ll be watching the fourth episode of 弟者 playing Little Nightmares!

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  • You can click the three dots to the far right of the like button and select “Open Transcript”. That will show the entire script and allow you to click on a line to replay that section of the video!
  • You can slow down the video if that helps you understand the speech better.
  • If you can download the video and subtitles, you can put them into Voracious and even more easily repeat sections, create flash cards etc.

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  • When posting a question, include the time in the video. You can also link directly to the appropriate section.
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OK… so I watched it

めっちゃ切ってる and めっちゃ気付くよね. For some reason I really like how the めっちゃ[verb]ing expression sounds! :slight_smile:

お魚さん and お肉さん more cute さん usage :slight_smile: (also, isn’t he a bit cheerful considering where the meat likely comes from?)

again 俺に掛かれば from last time :slight_smile: + ざっとこんなもん. I couldn’t find any actual translation, but empirically it’s something you say to indicate something was quick and easy, right?

That cheese sure looks tasty. And I’m also 100% sure that putting cheese in your pockets is a safe and hygienic way to transport it!

食器重ねるすぎだって No kidding! I also liked how he randomly commented on how washing dishes is hard work :slight_smile:

ガチびっくりした is this ガチガチ?


I don’t have time for my second “detailed” watch today cos it’s a friend’s birthday, but I’m so bothered by the fact that he missed the creepy lady statue :anguished:

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Me too!!! Gaaaah it’s right there!
At the same time, he isn’t going for a completionist run, so it doesn’t really matter… but still!

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I think so yeah

Found that funny too xp

wait where??? Even when I’m looking for it I still don’t see it XD

Bottom-right in front of the boxes :ok_hand:

@Naphthalene I knooooow, it’s just frustrating when he did find the somewhat secret room and everything D:


Okay, finally finished my first watch of this week. I felt like we moved more towards the “horror” end of the spectrum and away from the “scary” end this week, although I did scream loudly when that chef burst through the door right near the end :sweat_smile:

Also, the more I watch of this, the more I feel like he is simply not very good at hiding! The number of times I find myself horrified by the direction he runs in or silently willing him to just stay where he is for a second…


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