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This week we’ll be watching the second episode of 弟者 playing Little Nightmares!

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一回あれだな リハビリだなここで

The one doing the hardsubs-for-emphasis (Otsuichi?) seems just as puzzled here, but what’s リハビリ (rehabilitation) supposed to mean in this context?!? :slight_smile:

Oh good, I had no idea either and wasn’t sure if it was just me D:

As last week, I’ve watched the whole episode through once without really stopping (except to check e.g. what リハビリ meant :sweat_smile: ) and will try to watch the whole thing again today stopping to make sure I understand every line.




It means exactly what it says on the tin. It’s rehabilitation from the fear induced by the failed jump in the previous attempt.
That’s why 弟者 is trying a first time to get on the moving platform.
Of course, rehabilitation implies a trauma, so it’s a bit overkill in this situation, but there’s just no kill like overkill that’s the way of 弟者. The… 弟邪道 if you will :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay, question time :sweat_smile:

At ~37s, he says 操作しつつ、あの前回. I gather that しつつ means to be doing [whatever], but Jisho only particularly has an entry for しつつある, and I don’t really recognise しつつ as a particular construction, whether coming from しつつある or from する.

Just wondering whether しつつある comes from anything in particular, and also what’s going on here with him just using しつつ.

At ~43s he says とんがり頭帽子くんの子 - they do have points heads / hats, and とんがり帽子 specifically means pointy hat - is this literally just “pointy head hat children”, or is 頭帽子 something particular?

It’s just し from する+ つつ (while)
So “while doing”

That’s how I understood it.

Huh, I have somehow never come across つつ before :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

I feel like these threads should be in the listening sub-section or something :thinking:

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Yay for learning! :smile:

I was also wondering about that. At the same time, we are also watching the game and (potentially) reading the subs, so it feels like a compound exercise. I guess it does justify the current category, even though I feel listening is indeed the main component :thinking:


Also, note that 子 doesn’t have to mean child. It’s used for people (or animals or whatever) in general as well.

I think it’s more used for girls or cute things, but in Persona 4 someone used it talking about the male main character, so it seems quite general to me.

(子供 is always child though, just to be clear)

Thy will be done!

(I was initially at a loss as to where to put it. Reasoning like @Naphthalene said, but I agree that listening is a substantial enough part of it to warrant the listening subsection)


OK, I guess I’m a bit confused when he keeps talking about it later on as well…

リハビリってなんなんだろ 俺この世界でどんだけこう生活してんだみたいな

Going by what you said, is he saying he’s wondering whether he could deal with the trauma of living in a world like this?

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I was slightly confused by this line too.

Attempt at a rough translation:

“What even is “rehabilitation”? It’s like how long will/have I be/been living like this.”

It seems like he is laughing at his choice of word (リハビリ) in the sentence before this and then saying that it doesn’t really make much sense in this situation. I am leaning towards what you are saying like what good is rehabilitation in such a screwed up place where things are going to keep being screwed up? sort of feeling.

Not really sure though…

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I don’t know if it shows up in the subtitles, but he says just before: “あのね、「リハビリ」って言ったね” then laughed. He is just wondering about his choice of word (which is indeed weird).
The sentence you picked means:

What (the heck) does rehabilitation means. It makes it sound like in this world my life has been basically this (i.e. jumping on moving boxes)


Yeah… I picked up on that part, but I still can’t really make sense of the rest. No matter, it’s not that important :slight_smile: Thanks for your explanation though!

Moving on…

名前どうしようか リトル兄者だな、これな The name Little 兄者 for the gnomes makes its appearance :slight_smile:

…and at 12:45 the eye has been re-christened the “(Big) Otsuichi Eye” :slight_smile: (For those who don’t know Otsuichi is the third guy on the 2Bro channel. I think he does the editing as well as his own let’s plays)

What does 斬新 mean here? Jisho says “novel; original; newness”, but he just shouts it falling to his death down a shaft…

走るときは前を向いて走りましょう This is educational and entertaining!

こんな罠に引っかかるほど落ちぶれて… Again I’m a bit puzzled by his word usage… what does 落ちぶれる mean here? Jisho says to be ruined, a J-J dictionary says 身分や生活状態などがさがって、みじめなありさまになる。零落する which seems to mean the same thing. But to me it seems to mean “(I’m not) so 落ちぶれた as to fall for such a trap!”


I can’t watch the video now, but I think it was in reference to that way of dying being a first or that mechanism to go down to be a first.

I don’t remember anything about the other one, so I’ll check (much) later today.


Yeah, I usually take it as a kind of diminutive :thinking:

the power!

Haha, thank you! I could get on board with either justification, tbh - though it probably makes it a little easier to find the threads, being able to click into the listening section. Less competition from other threads.


At ~13:22, he says ゆっくりめでお願いしますよ - is the め for 目? Like, “go by the eye slowly please?”.

At ~17:18, is he commenting on the fact that the little gnome guys have actually been found out (by whatever is in charge)?

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For the 13:32, I took the “me” as being an “ish”, like “slowish” (slow but not too slow → talking either to his character or the garbage can), but I am not sure if that form exists for yukkuri or not.

At 17:18, I think he is saying that they have been found out by the specific “eye” that he is looking through (due to his use of the word “kore”)

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I took it to mean “on the slow side” similarly to how you can ask for a large portion by saying 大きめ


When he missed the hanging boxes thing, I really didn’t see that coming, it seemed like he would jump cleanly on top of them! I had to laugh out loud XP

oh nooooo and when he throws little anija off the stairs!!! those effects XD

That was an exciting episode ^^ The plot thickens… Also, been pretty able to watch it all the way through with only a few breaks to read the subs because it was going too fast, I even at times found myself listening completely forgetting to read the subs, so that’s a nice development ^^

Also I Love at 29:03 when he’s like ‘ararara’ they transcribe it as アら羅ラxp