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Another good week down! :blush:

I broke my streak on Sunday, but that was still a solid 21 days of purposeful, daily listening in a row. I’m pretty proud of that.

Looking back at July, I didn’t get in as varied a listening exposure as I’d have liked, ideally… but that was still a whole bunch of listening I don’t usually do. I’m particularly happy about finishing the audiobook for Kiki.

Maybe I’ll start another one for August…? We’ll see! I’m super undecided where I want to lay my focus. :sweat_smile: It’d be nice if I could manage to set a new streak record!


25: Watched a Sanbonjuku video on a proper self introduction shared here. I like his channel, been a while since I last tuned in. :slight_smile: I also played this week’s part of Loopers.
26: Couple episodes of terrace house.
27: And another couple episodes of terrace house. 10 11 down, 37 to go. Or something like that.
28: More Terrace House, and the first episode of 初めてのお使い on Netflix.
29: Listened to a 26 minute long episode of The Real Japanese podcast. x.X
30: Getting home after a long day of work, mindlessly browsing the forum before bed… I noticed I hadn’t listened yet! I went to the FNN news YouTube channel @Myria shared in the jlpt thread. The first video was 3 minutes long. I listened 2 times, then one more time while perusing the transcript to catch the last 2 words I was missing. :sweat_smile:
31: … I planned to play Loopers as my listening for the day, but that didn’t happen. Lots of moving prep and a visit from a friend happened instead. I kind of forgot I hadn’t listened to anything yet. :sweat_smile: We played some Taiko no Tatsujin, but I don’t think I can count the background はやし立て as listening. Oh well.

25 :video_game: 26 :tv: 27 :tv: 28 :tv: 29 :studio_microphone: 30 :earth_asia: 31 :heavy_multiplication_x:

偽計業務妨害 is a word…


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Day XLI: Clay :brick:

NHK school vid.

About making things out of clay! Think this one said it was in the 5-6 age range, which is a bit higher than me at the moment, I think my comprehension was at about 50-60%, must train ears further.


August 1st!

Today I watched an episode of Shirokuma Cafe (with subs), I could understand a fair amount of it but not enough to follow what was happening without the subs!
I also listened to Episode 38 of Nihongo con Teppei for beginners.

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Week 6

Yuusuke & Kaito, episode 11.


Aug 2, Tue of Week 6 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Today I watched 宝 on ひょうたんからコトバ. It might be understandable without or with subtitle, however, honestly, maybe not sufficient?..

Even then, there is always a full transcript on the side.


沈黙は金、雄弁は銀。 Nonetheless, it’s always hard for both reaching out, gauging what people really feel.

Yesterday I found WIRED.jp, but it is spoken English anyway (with JP sub).

By chance, I also found SPY x FAMILY’s アーニャ commentary by Onnomappu. And it’s mildly interesting. (That Anya’s face always broke me. I think it is in Vol.2.) Actually, I can understand this one pretty well without sub.

Then I read-aloud 浦島太郎 (listened first) (:studio_microphone:).

Story impression

One way to put it, is the princess girl tricked MC to be unable to return to former times, passing the point of no return. I guess MC is just pure and gullible…

I am not sure if the given Box has a taste of regrets?


August 1 :blossom: Home Post

Today’s a sleepy day so I just watched some more let’s play stuff! Though I guess that isn’t really different from any other day haha, but hey consistency!


I was all “I don’t want to watch emotionally heavy stuff” yesterday and then I jumped into a movie about cheating. I love movies and dramas about cheating. It’s like crime shows but it’s CRIMES OF THE HEART. :hocho: :broken_heart:

Trailer here - 先生、私の隣に座っていただけませんか

Ughhhh it’s so good! But I only had time to watch half of it yesterday and today my partner is in a chatty mood today so I need something I’m not as emotionally invested in, so I opted to start 屍人荘の殺人 (trailer) which I have little to no emotional investment in. I actually own the audiobook version and I got several chapters in before giving up as I’d completely lost track of names* and was hopelessly mixed up. It also wasn’t really my writing style, although I do want to finish it at some point just because.

Edit: I started watching again right after writing this and it’s a zombie film. This is what I get for not reading summaries. I don’t like zombie films at all. What a waste.

I will at some point return to Prince of Legend and report on that chaos, but not tonight.

*This is actually my biggest trouble with audiobooks as even in English I forget character names rather easily when I only hear them. I’m currently listening to the audiobook for Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None and I continually get the characters mixed up. Thankfully as it goes on the character list decreases :wink:


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August 1st
What did I listen to?: Obey Me! Boys in the House Ep 2
How much time did I spend listening?: 18 min

I’m so tired :smiling_face_with_tear: Work is the worst :smiling_face_with_tear:
But you know what’s not the worst is Obey Me! Boys~

Specific shoutout to Ayme-san who was very adorable to me in this episode xD Baby Satoshi is also adorable, as per usual, his puppy dog eyes killed me :pleading_face:

I really need to watching this episode again to fully understand what’s going on lol, but it’s late and I’m tired. There were a lot of words I didn’t know in the beginning :face_with_spiral_eyes: But the main part of the video was them playing a game where they had to say welcome back messages as their character? And then someone judged whether it fit or not? At one point, I think they were randomly talking about the karaoke thing I watched earlier lol, Ayme-san got excited about it and it was very cute xD


That’s Christie’s fault, I feel. Too many characters, not enough connection to any of them to make them memorable. I had the exact same problem until almost the end, and I was reading the book

It is? It wasn’t clear from the trailer at all.


I glad I’m not alone! I felt so deceived! The part where one guy is trying to get another guy to shut up is because zombies are coming for them, and the syringe shown is used to inject people to make them zombies!


August 2 :red_square:

I passively listened to three tracks from かがみの孤城 (74 minutes) while I was working. I admit I had my attention elsewhere, so I only caught scattered words and phrases here and there. I couldn’t tell you what’s happening. Something with a castle in a mirror? :sweat_smile:

That’s not how zombies work. This movie is all wrong!


I think you got the gist all right :+1:

admittedly I don’t know much more than that though :woman_shrugging:


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Day XLII: 日本のスーパー :shopping_cart:

YouTube suggested a random video about food shopping in Hokkaido so I thought I’d watch it.

Didn’t think I would understand much of anything, but I could understand quite a bit more than I had anticipated (the words I understood mostly being various types of food, trust my brain to only latch onto food-words)


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Recap for July

Usually I’m not very interested in listening, and so I just… don’t. For Japanese, I usually talk to two people per week and take 1 or 2 lessons per week, and I feel that this is pretty helpful for my listening already. I often shy away from listening to Japanese stuff because I think I am missing too many words and therefore won’t get enough out of it. But for this challenge, I figured I should give it a try :blush:
What I listened to in July:

  • Kiki’s Delivery Service (thanks to @Belerith!) - this is actually not too difficult and I also read the book, so I understand quite a lot most of the time. I’d say between 70 and 90%. Now I’m halfway through and plan to finish this month.
  • Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens - omg I love this! So many thanks to @lucylavelle for introducing it to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I watched each episode at least 2 times (once without subs and once with subs) or even more often. Pretty hard for me, both the casual stuff (because casual language) and the formal stuff (because unknown words). My understanding is probably around 50% or less. Finished the season and want to read the novel next.
  • Random stuff: Some podcasts, some random videos that people linked here. Great suggestions from everybody!

Plans for August

I already started the month well ahem by not listening on Aug 1st. It just didn’t fit somehow. Anyways, I decided to watch the Flying Witch anime this month. I read the manga (up to vol. 9, I think) and so I have a lot of episodes I can watch before catching up to that point. The language difficulty very much depends on the situation (casual speech for example), but usually it is ok, maybe about 70-80% on average. Looking forward to the dialect :rofl:


August 2nd!

Another tiny listen today. Episode 39 of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners.

Work has been very busy and I haven’t had a proper break for ages. I haven’t taken more than 2 consecutive days of holiday so far this year so I’m a bit worn out and its starting to show! :sweat_smile:
(This is entirely my own fault for being rubbish at taking time off - the company I work for is lovely!)

BUT I’m off all of next week so I’m planning to do extra listening practise then to balance out not doing much so far this week :slight_smile:

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@NicoleIsEnough I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it! :blush:


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Week 6

Yuusuke & Kaito, ep. 12 and 13.


Summary Post

August 2nd
What did I listen to?: Obey Me! Boys in the House Ep 3
How much time did I spend listening?: 16 min (plus some extra time for replays)

Back again with the Obey Me! Boys or should I say…the Obey Me! Mens :joy:
Why was I smiling the whole entire time, like my face hurts :joy: They’re so cute, I love the bunny ears punishment. Pyon! :rabbit: They look so cute on Ayme-san especially lmao, his tiny little “pyon” :heart: I love how he himself was like, wishing he could have worn them a little longer :joy: Same, my friend

Not Ayme-san doing his whole ending interview like this

Sir, why are you like this xD


Aug 3, Wed of Week 6 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Today’s story is 動くかかし (:studio_microphone:).

Yeah, moving Kakashi.

Story impression

Another wit from Kichomu-san; answer at just the end.

Just before reading aloud, I watched Hunter x Hunter (1999) EP.1 (no sub), and I found it understandable. I guess it’s from knowing enough vocabularies and some grammar, and half of being able to notice new words, but surely I missed many words relevant to the story. I want to be the level to understand more, at least literally. Also rewatched the remake (2011) EP.1, at the beginning, to compare.

Yesterday I watched となりの怪物くん of 1 episode. Of this one, and also Hunter x Hunter, I rewinded a lot. Well, it doesn’t matter really. With sub and without probably serve different purposes.

The choice of next one with sub is probably Dr. Stone, as it is not too easy, but doable.


I listened to several of Yuyu’s podcasts today while cleaning the house and running errands. I’m oddly tired today so might go to bed early and not listen to anything else.