🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

Dec 7, Wed of Week 11 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I watched a Youtube episode on ~に対して.

I listened to an episodes of Learn Japanese with Noriko Extra! on Patreon; then finding some new teachers on Spotify.

I watched the latter half an episode of Pokemon; and another half of episode of Death Note, but paused due to vocabularies, and story ahead of reading.

I listened with read-along for かがみの孤城, so now half of January (started today at half of December). Listened at 1.2x, and although I might not read everything real-time, it became easy for me to notice vocabularies and phrases, so highlighted for learning. I consider this one a primarily listening activity, so will probably update here later as well.

I was on the plane, almost the whole day, today.

Then, on ground, I watched a Youtube that caught my eyes – 【※痩せすぎ注意】シェフが最高に旨い、超脂肪燃焼スープ教えます - YouTube


:sound: 12月07日
YUYUの日本語Podcast , Vol. 54-55.

Tried to listen to podcasts the other day while running just to give it a try but hated it :joy: . Can barely focus and I need something to listen to to give me a bit of life. Today I directly went with music, decided I won’t be listening to podcasts while running cause they feel so boring. They’re great for walking, not so much for running, imo.

Stil got a couple episodes in afterwards. I swear the bluetooth speaker has to be one of the best things I’ve gotten this year :joy: .


Pretty stoked today I am gonna finish 青ブタ10 today. While 9 took me time, it generally was about 3 days total to finish. 10 took me 4 days. Book 12 comes out tomorrow. I bought it for my trip but it may be the case I finish 11 next week and 12 before my trip. Wild. O.O


Dec 8, Thu of Week 11 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I watched Youtube episodes on ~に(もと)づいて and ~を中心に, and found an old 日本語の森 vdo.

Otherwise, today is just damn busy, whether daytime work from onset, lunch, or long night shift. Somehow, I managed to slip in some listening and grammar priorities.


Went to london for the day for work christmas do. Listened to a load of Teppi episodes on the train. I have to say podcasts are useful for this, I can pop it on whilst doing other stuff (as Teppi reminds me every other episode!)
Wouldn’t mind something else to mix it up a bit so might give some other podcasts a try, Noriko seems to come up a bit.

I love little clues like this about people’s lives. Are you a professional snake handler who was doing ‘snakes on a plane’ filming?

Checking this out as I think there is a large discrepancy between ‘the time I think I’m studying Japanese in one form or another’ and ‘the actual time I’m studying…’ due to things like the dog chasing the cat, hungry teenage children, tumbledryer;s starting and finishing


Just an off-season vacation. I go nowhere on New Year’s week.


I was so certain about the snakes as well. :snake: Have a good vacation!


I watched this two part video on an unsolved mystery:

& 【考察】狭山事件 後編【日本の未解決事件】 - YouTube

Quite interesting circumstances. Dark videos though, probably avoid if true crime in general isn’t up your alley. I appreciate that he always ends the videos wishing peace to the victim of the crime though. I’ve seen much less respectful treatment of cases and it rubs me the wrong way.


Teppi podcasts yesterday. Listened a lot in my lunch break whilst I pottered around the house cleaning. I’m going to do this more as previously I’d be itching to get back to studying my Japanese but things need doing. Now I can do those things and listen.

oh @NicoleIsEnough I’ve started using clockify to track now much time I’m actually studying, thanks for the おすすめ


I just feel like it might be a bit tedious cuz for example when I read I often do something else for a few minutes inbetween and then I’d probably have to pause and unpause all the time. But thanks anyway, I’ll check it out nonetheless! :slight_smile:

December 7 & 8

I didn’t really do much. I can’t even remember. Just played a lot of Dwarf Fortress and was caught in some other stuff that took priority. I’ll get back to listening/watching stuff today. :smiley:


:+1: Let me know how you like it!

Agreed, if you frequently have short breaks, you would need to stop and start each time. Luckily it accumulates entries with the same comment (across the day), so it can still show you the overall time for your reading if you like. In the browser you can also mass edit all the accumulated entries, but in the (iOS) app that’s not possible, unfortunately (one needs to edit them one by one).
If I only have, say, one short interruption, I often try to remember how long it was and then change the end time of my reading interval based on that.


Dec 9, Fri of Week 11 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I watched Youtube episodes on ~に対して and 関して / をめぐって / かけて. It seems that words with multiple meanings (covering multiple grammar points), and grammar comparisons in one episode, should be particularly useful.

I also listened with read-along for かがみの孤城, now finished January. The problem isn’t only audio length (played at 1.2x), but also, yet-to-lookup-properly debt.


I found a fun channel with a couple who makes art together:

I probably had the most trouble following this video of anything I’ve watched recently. Still followed ok-ish but definitely felt like I was filling in more from context than actually catching everything being said


Dec 10, Sat of Week 11 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I watched Youtube clips on ~かねる / ~がたい / ~づらい / ~にがい. I think they are 兼ねる, (がた)い, 辛い, 苦い, respectively; but I am not particularly used to the first one (where I indeed have seen it before, and I think of 兼用(けんよう) first). I have also found a nice new channel – にくい・づらい・がたい - YouTube.

Then, I watched some clips on わけ’s, negative わけ’s, negative はず, and (かぎ)らない. I think they are (わけ) and (はず).

Finally, go through to 中 (ちゅう / じゅう), but it is N5 and in Chinese, and I barely understand spoken Chinese at all.

I also listened to Learn Japanese with Noriko, an extra on Patreon, and a normal one on Podbean. I also looked at Spotify, and think YUYU sounds nice, but I didn’t really listen to one yet today.


:sound: 12月10日
YUYUの日本語Podcast , Vol. 56.


I’ve been binging the art channel I shared yesterday (seriously it’s so much fun / so cute and wholesome) but I finally picked 崩れる脳を抱きしめて (audiobook) again after feeling like it was dragging and woah, came out of no where with interesting plot developments! I have about 3 hours left in the audiobook so I suppose if I go for a long walk tomorrow I can knock a good portion of that out, and then finish it sometime this coming week.


Oh! I started it today.
I’ve been trying to read the book at the same time, but it’s annoying, since the audiobook is skipping some words (and sometimes entire sentences; it even skipped one full exchange between ウスイ and ユカリ, so that it went: first thing he said → skip her reply and the second thing he said → her (second) reply).

I’m about 1/3 in, but I was not amazed so far. I’m glad to hear plot happens later :slight_smile:


Oh, I didn’t know! That’s actually pretty rare, too, most audiobooks are pretty consistent with the written text. When it’s not though it can be so irritating. I’m dealing with that in 黄金仮面 right now except that my audiobook is based on the original text and the book I have has been modernized to be easier to read. :upside_down_face: They cut out an entire paragraph at one point.

It’s definitely not my favorite book by the author (back to 崩れる脳を抱きしめて), it seems to go up and down a lot in terms of having an interesting plot point → resolving it → now we’re bored → new thing! → resolve → bored. Repeat. It’s weird cause this is the third book by him I’ve read and the others didn’t have this issue at all. I’m hoping the ending is at least good :sweat_smile:


Dec 11, Sun of Week 11 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

I watched grammar on to ~ないではいられない / ~ずにはいられない.

I watched (listened to) 4 Youtube channels on horror and mystery, thanks to @pocketcat. Of particular interest are the first three – the first has fully transcribed, but hideable transcripts (JP, EN), the second has JP hard sub, the third has text from time-to-time. My posted Rickyy doesn’t have human transcripts (only auto-generated JP), and rarely written cues. Nonetheless, it still depends on vocabularies and I want to rewind or pause as infrequent as possible. Also, I didn’t look much as I was walking (for exercise), and Youtube Premium can turn off the screen.


:sound: 12月11日
YUYUの日本語Podcast , Vol. 57-58.