List of very useful scripts that are no longer?!

These look seriously useful…

Confusion Guesser

Phonetic Semantic Composition

Pitch Info

Show Context Sentence

I found all these on a post from 2017 (there are more).

Does anyone have them up and running? Mine are installed but do not seem to be working as they should…


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(I use three of the four daily. What exactly “[doesn’t] seem to be working”?)


Do you have the WaniKani Open Framework installed? Some of these scripts require that first. Also the Open Framework must be placed as position 1 in your Tampermonkey or what ever else you got to run the scripts.

Of these scripts I’m using the Confusion Guesser and it’s working fine.

You can find all available userscripts in a list here: The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps
Those that are no longer maintained and unsure to work should be hidden within the post behind an expaning mark-up. All others should be working (sometimes one script can interefere with another; you can usually ask about that in the specific thread).


Which ones do you use?

I believe the phonetics semantics composition is no longer supported?

I have script compatibility mode turned on but none of these scripts seem to be working…

Also I put the open framework script to #1 in Tampermonkey, thanks for that solution although something else is wrong…

EDIT Image below has been updated to include [Kai_973]'s fix for the semantic phonetic composition script

I’m out of reviews to test this on, but you can try this fix for Keisei Phonetic Semantic Composition:


Thank you!! That seems to have done something - replacing the old script with this fix - now, 4 of my 9 scripts installed show on the wanikani dashboard (see image)

Should all 9 show on the dashboard?

Not necessarily, I don’t think. Especially if the scripts are only “active” during reviews, the authors might have made them only load when you’re on review pages, in which case they wouldn’t show up while you’re on the dashboard. Some authors choose to make their scripts load whenever your URL has “wanikani” in it though, which would make them show up from your dashboard (and here too, presumably).


Author of Simple Show Context Sentence here.

I use it daily and can confirm that it works. Can you be a bit more specific about what is broken?

Can confirm. “The scripts menu” only list scripts that are active on the page you’re on. But you can always go to the TamperMonkey Scripts dashboard to get the full list of scripts you have installed.

Also, @jjasobi glad you found them helpful. As mentioned, it’s probably to do with the Open Framework. Or that would have to be my guess. It’s been too long ago since I installed mine to remember the details, but sometimes you have to go into a different tampermonkey menu to do the ordering, even if everything seemed okay. I vaguely remember having trouble getting things up and running initially. But in the thread for the WK Open Framework, there are additional instructions for exactly this. So read that OP post carefully to find solutions and if things still don’t work, post in the thread and ask around there is my suggestion.

Good luck with your studies! :+1:


Right, so… having disabled “Wanikani show context sentence” and “advanced context sentence 2”, the semantic phonetic composition script fix Kai_973 posted has started working.

Confusion guesser is also not working, sadly :frowning:

I installed your script. Nothing of it shows. :frowning:

I use the confusion guesser and the semantic composition script daily. I’ve had no issues with either.

Apologies, I actually use the hide context sentence script, not the show context sentence script (it blurs the English translations until you hover your mouse over the text).

You’ll likely get better help if you post to the respective threads with as detailed a bug report as possible: what you did, what you expected to happen, what actually happened, and details about your environment.

As @Kai_973 reported, many scripts only run on review pages, lessons pages, or whatever and not on the dashboard. You can look for an @include or @match line at the top of the script to see exactly which URLs it will operate on.


OMG, legendary! Hi!!!

Thanks for your advice; I have followed it all! Hopefully the scripts everyone wants can work for everyone… I really want the confusion guesser!

The WaniKani community so far has been super great and helpful. I’m happy to be here! 頑張ります。

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Which of these don’t you use? The only thing I can think of is that one of the scripts I have and you don’t is interfering with “confusion guesser”.

It’s a great script. I often know exactly why I missed something, but when I don’t the confusion guesser can be extremely helpful.

Just follow the instructions at the top and BE SURE to click the “Use IDS” checkbox — it should be the default, but isn’t.

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I don’t use 2, 3, 4, or 7. Please provide @Sinyaven with a complete bug report and I’m sure you’ll be sorted in short order.

If you open your browser console are there any errors? You are using Chrome, so that’s Ctrl-Shift-I and then select the Console tab.

That doesn’t show very much of the console output. If you select the console tab at the top of the window you will be able to see more.

Note that the context sentence showing in this photo is the inline version which is written by a different author. Mine places the context sentence below the vocabulary word. e.g. Not inline.

I’d like to compare the in-line one with yours if it can start to work.

Note that your script is not installed with regards to this screenshot. The error code will be about the Confusion Guesser script I imagine.