Lifetime subscription without lessons?


few days ago I bought Wani Kani Lifetime subscription. I want to start learning from today, but I’ve notice I don’t have any lessons available. I signed in but I have Lessons 0 in the top menu, start lesson button is grey, etc

How I can start it?


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Basically you’ll unlock new lessons when you’ve levelled up the radicals you currently have unlocked to Guru level, which happens after four correct reviews. Check the dashboard for when your next review will be.

Don’t worry, you’ll get through level 1-3 rather quickly and your lessons and reviews will pick up! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for all the answers and encouragement. I’m pretty new to this and it’s still a bit confusing how to use it. Indeed review is working, so I hope lesson will be available as soon I will update it to guru.
Thanks again


Hey, @sent ! :sparkles:

In this realm, you will find life forms that seek to reach the point beyond kanji enlightenment (The Burning of Turtles). Worshippers of the Crabigator come in all forms - lovely humans, mythical creatures, the most colorful fruits and vegetables, a poll option you should always choose… and even bittersweet chocolate disguised as めっちゃウザイ little pods.

Now, here’s what you need to know:

  1. The WaniKani Onboarding Series that will get you started with how WaniKani works. If you stick to reading the page, you will find 8. Yes, eight series guides that will help you get started with the WaniKani platform.

  2. The WaniKani User Guide (…also known as “everything you need to know about waiting a really long time for your precious reviews.”)
    Basically if you have a question you can’t seem to solve or find yourself upset and confused with what the Crabigator has given you, try to look for the answers in one of these links before making a new thread (and possibly saving yourself from feeling like an idiot)
    a. Getting Started
    b. Account & Membership
    c. Payment & Billing
    d. WaniKani
    e. Japanese
    f. API and Third-Party Apps

  3. [sponsored] JPR’s own Ultimate WK Guide and how he completed all 60 levels in 368 days. A lot other level 60 senpai have similar posts so be on the lookout for those and try figure out what’s best for you and your WK journey since there are no hard or fast rules to this. :durtle_the_explorer:

  4. The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List which is a long and thorough list of Japanese resources that the community has worked hard to gather together and is consistently being updated.

  5. API and Third Party Apps that enhances your learning experience with WaniKani.

  6. WK Stats to check your accuracy, progress, projections and more.

  7. The brand spanking new ToS which is probably one of the most entertaining ToS threads you’ll find on the internet.

  8. And finally, the Community Guidelines that will help you better interact with all of us.

Again, welcome to the family. :durtle_noice:

See you around! If you’re still feeling lost, hop on over to the New People Questions thread or make one of your own. We don’t bite much. :sparkles:

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