New here, wondering how to unlock further lessons

Hello, just purchased the premium plan for further lessons, but Wanikani will not let me take any more lessons after the initial radicals. Just a little confused :o

Check this out!

You gotta work your way to proving you know the radicals before you can move on to more lessons.


You get the first three levels free… it tells you that on the order page :upside_down_face:


Adding to what @fandomslight said, you should also check

Let us know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

I just had breakfast, and I have a nice cup of tea, so no sarcasm from me today. :wink:

All you need to know is covered in the guide and FAQ as already linked, tbh.

(Edit was going to link some helpful stuff but links not working for me, so too bad)

You should get new lessons in a day and a half, I believe, since the first 2-3 levels are accelerated (double speed!). Get the radicals right 4 times in a row, and the corresponding kanji will unlock. Get the kanji right 4 times in a row, and the corresponding vocabulary will unlock. Get 90% of the kanji to Guru (get each item right 4 times in a row), and you will level up, which unlocks new radicals, and you get to start the process all over again. : )

Welcome to WaniKani!

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Slow start is definitely a point of confusion for new people I speak to. The more aggressive you are with your lessons and reviews, the more work the application will provide to you. You will settle in to a good equilibrium after about a month.

Stick with it and you’ll go far. Wanikani is the best learning tool I’ve used in 10 years of Japanese.

Sees the 9001st thread of this kind


This one is better, though, because he bought the subscription. It’s like a tax on not reading the FAQ.


You’ve only seen 9000?? :thinking:

Seems like there’s at least one or two every day

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