Lifetime Sale

I currently have an annual subscription that expires on November 10th, and I’ve been thinking of getting the lifetime plan when it’s on sale.
I have a few questions about it though.
I still want to use WaniKani until the lifetime plan will be on sale, so what should I do? If I continue using the annual plan (or use any plan) until then, will the remainder of the plan be subtracted from the price of the lifetime plan?

Also, there will be a sale, right? I just want to make sure.


If you buy the annual plan, and then decide to buy the lifetime plan, the months you didn’t use of the annual will be substracted from the lifetime price, yes, you don’t get overcharged.

Will there be one? Well, I haven’t seen anything saying yes, but it has always happened from what I’ve seen, so no reason to doubt it from happening.


I think it happens in December :woman_shrugging:

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It was confirmed it’s going to happen this year too a while ago

(or at least I interpret that as a confirmation)


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