WaniKani Sale?

Hey guys, I’ve been using Wanikani for quite some time now, and I really love it, with all my heart. And wanted to subscribe, but my country’s currency is worth nothing, and Dollars are way too expensive, so I couldn’t afford to be a member yet. So, I wanted to know, does “sales” happen? And if so, is it random, or in a anniversary event (or something along those lines)?
Sorry if it has already been asked, or if it’s in the wrong Category, just say so, and I’ll remove it.
Thanks in advance :blush:


There’s usually $100 off on lifetime in the middle of December


Like Kumi said, there’s usually a US$100 discount off lifetime in December.

But, if you have an active subscription (yearly or monthly), the amount you hadn’t used yet will count towards further discount. If you buy a yearly subscription now and buy lifetime mid-December, you’ll have used April '19-November '19, but will have December '19-March '20 remaining, and that will go towards any further discounts.


Yep, same story.
In December-January there are secret 50% discounts for a month or year subscriptions too, it works for a whole year if you buy a subscription in January with a special promo code.
It’s really the only way I can afford to use WaniKani.


Does anyone know if they give discounts to people (especially in these unfavorable exchange rate countries) if they ask?


Maybe contact them directly on twitter (they are pretty quick to answer there), and explain your situation.

Would be nice to see an alliance of several websites (like bunpro & wk) for “poor” countries with minimal fees for people to enrol. Knowledge is power :fist:

Good luck !!


Okay, thanks y’all I’ll wait until December then, and probably get a yearly subscription.
Good studies to all of you :smiley:

You should try to email hello@wanikani.com, explain the situation, and see if they can help you out with a discount for the yearly subscription. Best of luck! :four_leaf_clover:


I’ll try later :smiley:
I’ll save some money first xD

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