Do WaniKani plans go on sale every now and then?

Hello all,

I believe this should be the right place to ask this, apologies if it isn’t.

I just reached level 3 and am very much enjoying WaniKani (and Tofugu for that extent) as a whole.
Sadly, since I am not American, buying the lifetime plan will cost me a lot more than it “should” due to currency conversion, taxes and other implications.
So, I would like to know: Does WaniKani have a “traditional”, recurring sale? Let’s say, a Christmas or Winter sale, for example.

Thank you for your time.


Yes! Wanikani has a recurring winter sale where they lower the price of lifetime. I can’t remember the amount off the top of my head but hopefully it’s not too out of your range.


Usually drops from $300 to $200 from what I’ve seen.


I see! I will be looking forward to that then. Because indeed, every dollar saved makes a world of a difference in this case.
Thank you for the (fast) reply!


I was on the same boat as you are.

More often than not, the staff is super kind and will give you a discount if you send them a message at What I did was to get a 50% off cupon off the yearly subscription, and then waited until Christmas to get Lifetime.

Subscription prorates, so it was actually a really good deal!


I got a year because I started in March and didn’t want to wait that long to start.
But I’ll upgrade to lifetime when the sale hits. Because I’m not rich either. I have to save up every penny.
In this case however, I think it more as an investment in my future, so I’m willing to pay.
Same goes for the fee needed for the JLPT.

If you buy an annual subscription and then buy a lifetime one after, they automatically pro-rata the lifetime price by the amount you’ve already paid for the annual subscription.

Already paid but haven’t used.

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Yep, sorry, thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

Yeah, i’ll get 3 months discount I guess.

Really? Now that’s just awesome to hear. I will try e-mailing them right away, this way I won’t have to halt my advances in the platform until the actual sale. Thanks a lot!

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