Level Up E-mail Not Sent

So I enjoyed getting the level up emails from Wanikani… Until now it suddenly skipped level 8, and then now it didn’t send level 10 as well :frowning:

Any idea how to get the emails? Or at least is there a compilation where I can read all the Wanikani’s congratulatory email?

Have you tried unsubscribing to the emailing thing and then subscribing again? :thinking: I think I read someone saying on the forums that would fix all the emailing problems from WK.


Oh sweet, that makes the level 10 email appear, thank you for the help! :smiley:


And here is the compilation.


Hmm, I also had the same exact problem with level 8. I was like…wait, what?! Didn’t I just level up? :frowning:

Actually, by logging out of WaniKani just now and logging back in, I got my belated level 8 email and my level in the forums is now correct!

If anybody sees this and is having the same problem, just try logging out and back in!


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