Did anyone else get an email from Koichi at lvl 28?

Why 28 specifically?

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You get them at every level now - it was originally part of the Durtle Heaven ARG, but I guess now it’s just a thing. I guess the level 28 e-mail was just the first one that managed to squeeze its way past your spam filters.

Well, I just reached 29 and I got nothing. :thinking:

Oh, guess the servers borked and I’m not getting a motivational email this time be7b4d35082405e1e483a3fd34fbe3ed

I’m level 35 and I’ve received 0 emails

Well, they only started sending a couple of months ago. You may want to go into your WaniKani settings and check that e-mails are turned on. Apparently it can also help to turn that setting off and on again.

This is correct. Sometimes I don’t get the emails when I level up, but if I turn it off and then on again it works.

Because of the off and on again meme, I am wondering if Kouichi implemented this intentionally (ironically)


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