Incorrect level up emails

This morning, I just reached level 6, and got an email from WK welcoming me to level 5.

The email reads as follows:

You made it to Level 5! 🎊

This is the level where you really start to get into more useful words. On WaniKani, you see fewer “useful” words early on because you’re learning the kanji that is simplest in form, not meaning. We do it this way because the form of the kanji is the thing that’s hard for non-Japanese people, not the meanings behind them. You’re not a child (I’m guessing), so meanings shouldn’t give you that much trouble.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy Levels 5-10. Vocabulary gets more useful and I think that’s really fun. But, do you remember how slow the first few levels felt? We called it the “slow zone.” Now you’re moving into an opposite place. Things will speed up before leveling out again. Keep up with your reviews and you’ll be fine.

Edit: My forum avatar also still shows level 5 for some reason. Maybe it’s slow to update.

If you logout and log back in, your level should be accurate.
As for the emails, some shenanigans happened to me to around the early levels, (sometime the emails would come late, or not at all), but since I reached level 15 or so everything as been normal.


I don’t even remember the last time I got a Level Up email. I always looked forward to those. Oh well :man_shrugging:


My forum level count’s out by a level (5 -> 4) too, even after logging out and back in, and I got the level 4 email when I hit level 5.

Lucky. I haven’t gotten a level up email for 5-6 levels now. I miss them. :frowning_face: I’ve done the log out and back in thing a bunch of times, too.

I just got the level 24 email after reaching level 25.

I still don’t have my level 60 email. I demand recognition!!! I’m not even completely convinced I did all the work to get that golden badge. I demand recognition Koichi! Tell me I’m 60 and that I’m not completely insane!!!


Incorrect level? I’ve never got a single level up email at all :man_shrugging:

A little off topic: do you receive an email when you burn every item?

I never got any emails either… I feel so unloved! :sweat_smile:

You missed the opportunity to say tell me how proud you are shifu!

The email thing is a known problem that WK has been trying to solve.

It doesn’t always work, but if you go into you WK Dashboard settings, and toggle the e-mail option off and back on, it often gets back on track.

If there are people that would like to know what missed emails said, while looking for clues for the 2018 Christmas riddle, a thread was created where the content of all 60 level-up emails has been gathered.

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Oh thank you! I’ll go and do that now. :slight_smile:

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LOL, I actually have “Receive WaniKani Related Emails” turned off :sweat_smile:
It’s pretty much a habit to turn off any marketing communications whenever I sign up for a new service.

But I’m gonna keep it this way. I get enough mail already :wink:
I can always read the level-up emails thread.

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Lol! :laughing:
Mine was on but I turned it off and on then read the thread. I think I only had one email just to say I got lifetime. :sweat_smile:

Update: I just hit level 7 and got an email congratulating me on reaching level 6. They really need to fix the system. Also, my forum avatar has gone from lvl 5 to lvl 6.

Update, as others suggested, I tried logging out of the forums and logging back in, which fixed the level displayed by the icon. Today I hit level 8 and got the level 8 email. So it seems that the emails are tied to what the forum thinks your level is for some reason, rather than your actual level. At least now there’s a known workaround.

Update - looks like it was my email account had blocked the emails so problem sorted! :slight_smile:

I have leveled up several weeks ago, but my forum avatar still has the old level. I logged in and out, both from the forum and the dashboard to no avail. Also I didn’t get my LV⇑ mail.
EDIT: Okay, just as I wrote it’s fixed. How strange.

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