Level-based reading practice


Hey Wankani people!

Does anyone know of reading extracts based on the different wanikani levels? If not, it’d be great if Wanikani could finish off each level with a reading extract that uses new kanji/vocab, plus reuses old kanji/vocab from lower levels. A lot of work I know, but it would be great to read and understand stories, etc, based on your current level…


What arjoykanji said is pretty much what you asked for, however, you could also find useful other resources such as:

  • Satori Reader (You can import your WK progress to toggle furigana on and off).
  • The Kanji Learner’s Course Graded Reading Sets (Gives a lot of example “sentences” starting with simple kanji and then building difficulty as you progress, I think it’s really good tbh and the first volume is free!)

These resources are not wanikani level based but you might as well try them out. Also the WK Guide kinda hints on what you “should” be reading on certain levels.


Unless it has changed, doesn’t Duendecat use the Tatoeba sentences? That basically makes it something I would not consider using.


Why is that?


The Tatoeba database has no filters to make sure the content is natural Japanese or even grammatically correct.


Thank you for the explanation.


I would recommend Japanese Graded Readers by Rabbit Press. No, not by WaniKani levels, but by your Grammar level, JLPT-wise.

WaniKani level-wise, I would take recommendation from WaniKani Guide.

If you want to read one separate sentence out of context, Kanji not exceeding your WaniKani level, probably