Masterlist of Books/Manga by WaniKani Levels?

Hey Guys!

I was trying to search here on the Forum if there was any topic containing kind of a MasterList for reading based on WaniKani levels. I haven’t been able to find one, and am only finding scattered things everywhere. Not that it’s bad, but just wondering if such a Master Topic existed.

What I mean is something similar to:

  • From Wanikani levels 1-10 recommended books/manga are:
  • From Wanikani levels 10-20 recommended books/manga are:
  • etc, etc…

I can already speak japanese really well… just always lacked on the reading Kanji part so a list like this would help me organize my study better. If it doesn’t exist I would most certainly be interested in getting together with some people here to organize one.

Thank you for your attention!

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The issue is that Japanese material tend to be either partially marketed towards children, in which case every word has furigana, or towards adults, in which case, at the very most, names and obscure words will have furigana.


Well, there’s the masterlist of book clubs, which has some indication of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, advanced). As @MegaZeroX said, there’s no correlation between WK level and native material, so you would not really be able to make a correlation. That being said, I think people mentioned that it becomes really easy to deal with kanji once you reach level 30 or so.


aah i guess that makes sense… when studying Japanese Furigana can feel like cheating though hahaha

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I think the closest thing you’ll get is something like SatoriReader where they use your WK API key to modify the words in each article based on your WK level.

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Aaah got it… I’ll check out that masterlist of bookclubs I guess!
Also, here’s hoping I can reach level 30 in 25 weeks hahaha

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holy shi*… imma check now if I can find that!

Do I have to modify SatoriReader in some way or is their program already automatically built with this in it?

You can get to it here:

There are quite a few articles available with the free subscription, so there’s no real downside to trying it out. The first 奥日光 article is pretty good with the narration and sound effects. (

There’s a tutorial that walks you through everything when you sign up. I would recommend going through the whole thing. It will show you how to import your WK key and configure your Kanji display settings.


Thank you very much! Will definitely try it out! And also check out that master book club thing that was mentioned here!

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Since you said you can already speak Japanese really well, you must have a decent vocabulary and a good grasp on grammar. From the book clubs I’d specifically recommend checking out the club reading Kiki’s Delivery Service in a month.


Nice! I might actually join that! I guess i have a month to prepare hahaha
My vocabulary in day-to-day conversation is pretty great and so is my grammar, but when it comes to niche vocabulary it kinda sucks (due to my study method**) however, even if there are many vocabs I don’t know I never back out from challenging myself so i might actually join!
Not sure how i’ll get the book though! I love physical so it might be complicated in the current COVID state of affairs.
**I learned japanese working and living in Japan and refusing to make foreign friends for the first year! 100% recommend doing that cause you’ll see improvements so fast it’s crazy! I’d go on dates and improvise using my cellphone’s dictionary!


It took 7-10 days for my KiKi’s copy to arrive (Japan to US, almost 2 weeks ago), so you can get a physical copy in time, still.

where did you buy it? cdjapan?

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There’s a lot of information about purchasing the book in the thread I linked to by the way. In case you haven’t looked yet.

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Yes, I bought from CDJapan

I’m laughing to imagine you on your cellphone on dates!

PS, I also recommend the NHK news thread for current grammar discussions. I learned soooo much this past month reading with those guys. (Jump in around post 50)

aah thank you! I hadn’t looked yet but was about to!

lol, in the beginning it was quite crazy but you’d be surprised at how open some japanese women are to trying that! In fact I would only go out with the ones that could barely speak a world of english hahaha somehow those dates are some of the funnest dates I have ever had! It involved them saying something, me understanding very little, searching for the hardest words and grammar and then trying to peace together the puzzle… people thought I was crazy but my boss told me just a few months later “how TF did you improve your japanese so fast?” to which I answered “women” HAHAHAHA from that day on he always said he was cheering for me to get the girls… aah i miss those days

also, will look into those NHK news thread!


Definitely helps to turbo your speaking…I’ve dated a couple of girls with zero English, you speak for hours and hours in Japanese, you get pretty good, fast.

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Definitely true, the older stuff doesn’t also have furigana which makes it a burden to even get through if you cant read the words. Random fact, I just bought a full compete edition (完全収版) of Death Note at a second hand bookstore here in Japan and it has furigana, so was quite happy about that.