Level 60 in 1721 days aka doing WaniKani the slacker way

It finally happened. I have no words. I have hundreds of lessons waiting. I’m happy, and relieved, and tired. I’ve been doing WaniKani almost from the beginning of studying Japanese. I thought I’d finish in 2 years tops if I went full speed, but it turns out it’s easy to burn out when you go full speed. I recovered from one burnout and found myself in the same predicament again, and again, until I finally decided to stop procrastinating.
All in all, the thing I regret the most is not visiting the forums during my hiatuses, I seem to have missed a lot of happenings, maybe even some drama. So many people I knew that were active on the forums when I started are nowhere to be found. lots of new people I don’t recognize (but full of endless possibilities).
But this community has shaped up quite a bit during the years. I like that there’s a lot of reading clubs going on, I see a lot of positivity and helpfulness towards newcomers (oh how angry the replies to “wanikani is too slow” threads used to be). I think it’s turned into a great community.
I do kinda miss the trolling and shitposting from time to time, though, maybe I’m just getting old and feeling nostalgic for no reason. @MidoriNoSuika, I definitely miss your shenanigans, (pressing F). I remember the longest thread ever, and the “anime is bad and there’s too much of it” thread that sparked a lot of heated discussion. I remember the “Our God has spoken” Crabigator worshiping thread that got me and many others the “Crabigatorism” sect title (oh man, sect titles were such a cool thing, I definitely miss those), until @Eternal-Illusion and others joined to warn us for going too far. I’m sorry I snapped at you, if you’re reading this, I was a much angrier person back then and I have many regrets.
All in all, it’s been fun and memorable, and I enjoyed interacting with you guys. And, I hope to have many great moments with you guys from now on (considering I still have a lot of lessons and reviews, I’m gonna be here for a long while).

Anywho, let’s get to the juicy bits. STATS:


For some reason, my last hiatus broke my stats. Instead of 608 days 2 hours for level 52, somehow it got split in 2 with level 51, no idea how that happened.

Any other stats anyone wants to know, or old war stories anyone wants to reminisce? :smiley:


Edit: I’m a bit sad @koichi didn’t send me a level 60 email, like all the other levels :crying_cat_face:











Congratulations!! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:


I lied :> it seems I had plenty of words

お互い頑張りましょうね :blush:


Thanks :smiley: finally joined the big boys’ club

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I just gotta say, in a way, that’s even more impressive than doing wani kani in a year. It shows a lot of commitment. I hope my will stays as strong as yours did.

Congratulations! you did it !!!



Congrats! chiya_emoji


Wow! At the rate I’m going I’ll probably get there in the same time you did haha. I loved your paragraph at the beginning. I’m curious about sect titles and how they’re seemingly meaningless now. I really want to see that Crabigator worship thread though lol.


Side note:

How do you find your stats for the site?

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I had moments of weakness, but I always did come back, didn’t I? :smiley: That’s an interesting way to look at it.

Thanks man! I seem to remember you from back in the day as well, did you reset your level by any chance?

Hey, no rush, man, life’s short, gotta enjoy it while you can!

Oh boy that was a fun one: https://community.wanikani.com/t/our-god-has-spoken/7761

Most commonly used one seems to be https://www.wkstats.com/#progress . That’s what I’m using, not sure others exist.


There’s also the new site: New WKStats
It’s still in progress so the projections aren’t working but the level duration chart is more accurate if you reset and it fixes the level-up-times. You can also do more sorting with the items in the new one.


I’m at 2122 days right now, with lots of hiatuses sadly. Someday, I will also reach level 60. Perhaps I’ll have the record of “longest time to get there, but he did get there”


Gotta say something :slight_smile:

I’m super impressed you bounced back at all after falling off the tracks 3 times. Ah I forgot to mention some of the more memorable forum threads although I was much less of an active poster. The “It’s a stat: 22 people make it to level 60 every month
Wanikani is just not useful enough, but could be” threads have been the most entertaining in recent memory to myself.

I talked briefly with @MidoriNoSuika back then about games but never got to see much of the more extreme stuff. I admit I like to read a lot of what @Kumirei writes. <3


“The one who goes slowly, goes safely and far.” It’s an Italian proverb and I’m sorry but I don’t know the equivalent in Japanese… But maybe you do? :wink:

Anyway: Congratulations! You did it and you deserve all the praises for not giving up! :star2::durtle_cat::star2:


Wow, welcome back to the game. You’re even more of a veteran than me. Good luck, senpai! You can do it. And when you get to 60, you’ll be a legend! 神話になれ!

Thanks man. I’ll take a look at those threads, I hadn’t seen them before :+1:. Also agreed about @Kumirei.

急がば回れ maybe? Anyway, thanks :+1: :raised_hands: !


Sounds close enough to me. :slight_smile: Thanks! I love learning proverbs or idiomatic phrases in Japanese!

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Felicitări! Bună treabă! :tada::grin::clap::sparkles:

Now it’s time to eat ALL THE CAKE :cake::cupcake::moon_cake::birthday::durtle_love:





Mulțumesc frumos :slight_smile:

Easter dinner is next week, gonna ask my grandma to bake me something nice. :+1: Gonna enjoy myself for a while :smiley:

My favorite anime right there :grin: nice :+1:

PS: Would it be weird to resurrect all my burned items and work my way through everything again until everything is burned again?

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I love hearing stories of how the fourm used to be, looks like it got more and more regulated over the years