Finished lvl 60 on boxing day after 356 days

My apologies for not making a post sooner, as well as limiting my activities on the forum substantially, I have been solely reading the forums up until now.

I will keep this relatively short, I want to make this post as some sort of completion of this past year, that I finally reached and completed lvl 60. It shows that I don’t know the forum well enough because I could have made this post 3,5 days earlier ;D.

It was a hell of a ride, and I would like to thank the WaniKani-team for putting up a great learning resource like this and the community for all the support, the tips and tricks out there.

My prior Japanese experience was close to zero. I decided to learn Japanese a bit over a year ago and I found out about WaniKani early January this year.

I had no idea what I was doing up to and including lvl 5, after that I found out about the forum and read very helpful info. I decided to speed run it, with scripts obviously.

That being said, I will be honest here, I did have to cheat into Guru to keep the number of apprentice items down. It was going very well up to level 40-50, at that point I was doing 300-400 reviews a day, which was a fine number for me. At around 50-55 I was having a serious breakdown, nothing wanted to stick anymore and was messing up a lot of reviews. I seriously had to plow through level 55-60. This last week I was doing 600-700 reviews a day, which will continue for a while I reckon. My review style is punishing, I feel like it’s ok to let items go into guru for throughput, but be strict on failing/burning after. Often I felt like I didn’t know an item well enough and failed on purpose, or resurrected burned items immediately because of that same reason.

I have barely done any other learning resource aside WaniKani. I did Duolingo on the side for a while, so I have some very very basic knowledge of particles and sentence build at least. I tried getting into Genki 1, but I didn’t like it, maybe I will revisit it soon.

For the next year I will focus on all the items leftover in the WaniKani pool, grammar (books and/or Bunpro) and reading. Perhaps some Kitsun/KaniWani but I think I will leave this for later. I will certainly come back for the book clubs here, those seem very valuable in practicing reading.

Happy holidays everyone!

I wanted to mention one last thing. It is the forum style posts that sadly doesn’t work well for me and held me a bit off in interacting more with the WK community. I prefer a setting similar to a chatroom, something like Discord for instance, I think it could be very fitting to this community.

Some stats:


Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:




Congratulations - very impressive !

I am very curious of your experience as starting to zero : have you done any reading ? Are you able to comprehend japanese despite the gaps in grammar?

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Well done!

Genki is certainly very popular but it’s not the only way to go if you don’t enjoy it. I also didn’t like it very much so instead I mostly used Cure Dolly + Tae Kim for the basics + this anki deck: Guide for Beginners - Japanese like a breeze (you can tweak it to display kanji and not roumaji to use your extensive kanji knowledge).

I really like that deck because it just teaches you basic vocab and grammar using real-world examples so it makes it easier to move on to light reading afterwards (for me mainly videogames and manga at the moment).



No reading at all. Very basic sentences are going ok-ish, that’s really it. The fact that I did some Duolingo on the side helps with understanding how the sentences are built.

I know it was not really smart to speedrun WK and not focus on other parts of the language learning process. I set myself some loose goals for these years. Going with WK mainly the past year, get some familiarity with Japanese, focus on kanji and vocabulary. For this oncoming year I will focus on grammar and reading. So hopefully by next year this time, i can say “yes, I have done some reading, it is going much better already :).”



The classroom style book is not working for me.

I have Tae Kim on my phone and scanned it a bit, it definitely looks more like my style. Thanks for the other resources, i will have look!