Level 60 in 1721 days aka doing WaniKani the slacker way

Yuummmm as you should! :grin: what kind of prăjituri do you like?

Hmmm in my opinion it’s not really worth it, that time could be better spent reading or doing something like KaniWani/KameSame to practice EN → JP (I started KW right after I reached 60 and it’s been awesome practice! You can even set it to only sync burns or something, or just work through it by level like me)

Or you could use the self-study quiz script for extra practice, you can filter it by SRS level and set it to burns if you want ^^

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I quite enjoy some plăcintă cu mere, or cornulețe :grin:

I’ll take a look at KaniWani, I’ve been avoiding it all this time but it’s about time I gave it a spin. The self-study script looks useful too :thinking:

I’m still doing iKnow at the same time, so it’s not like I’m not reviewing vocab, there’d be no reason to revive my burns :thinking:

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Well done! What are your plans now? Reaching for the stars?


I miss him too. And the old forums as well, even though I only caught the tail end of it. I think it was a more interesting place with lots of eccentric characters.
@jprspereira made sure Melon saw your kinds words.

You guys are too kind! I haven’t been as active on the forums lately; maybe I should participate more.

As much as I like to blame the poll thread for restricting lighthearted and silly discussion outside of that thread, I think mostly it’s the users who have changed. While it has gotten more regulated (rip Midorin), the user base just isn’t the same anymore. The old users moved on and new ones took their places, changing the atmosphere. I think I miss the drama the most, the forums are so calm now.


Yeah well…! You’re really helpful! And cool! And… I like your scripts! >:ooo






For the time being, finish my reviews and lessons, I still have a big pile waiting for me :joy: all in a day’s work for the Crabigator. After that, just do my reviews until everything is burned I guess. I plan to practice my handwriting at some point too, and supplement my kanji knowledge to cover all N1 kanji, there’s a lot missing from WK. Maybe using anki or something, I dunno ¯\(ツ)/¯.

I regret having missed the private message feature the most. Somehow that got activated while I was in hiatus and disabled by the time I had come back :pensive:. I guess all things come to and end sometime.

It looks like a bit of drama got started in the “worth writing kanji?” thread :astonished: made me feel a bit excited :joy: but yeah, the forums are pretty calm now compared to when I started.
I remember how awesome sect names were, somehow the discourse titles just don’t feel the same way :pensive:



ayana hug @jneapan


Dat moment when senpai notices you


No one’s ever called me senpai before… I must live up to it and work harder than ever before!

Also, I too miss all those old posters, I’m filled with regret that I didn’t post more back then. Everyone seemed so cool, maybe I’ll make up for it and become friends with the cool people here now.

I’m going for the N1 in December (I’ve been practicing my kanji outside of WK), I look forward to memorizing those kanji alongside you.

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Hey, I’m taking the N1 again in December as well, what a coincidence. Let’s both do our best and nail it :grin:

… Need to seriously study the N1 kanji that aren’t on WaniKani. I wonder if there’s an anki deck for that :thinking:

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There’s an anki deck for everything… and if there isn’t one right now, there will be soon! I was actually going to make one over the summer, but if you find one first please let me know :smiley:

I’m gonna take the N1 in Boston, it would be fun if I saw some other turtle-burners there as well.

Not me unfortunately, I’m on the other side of the pond I’m afraid. But seeing the amount of new people every day, I’m sure there’s gonna be plenty.

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Do you have any plans for after you pass?

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Nothing concrete. Maybe get a translator certification of some kind and/or see if I can find some Japanese company that’d be willing to hire me. Who knows… I don’t even know what I’ll be doing next week, let alone next year. Winging it mostly :rofl:


ahaha I feel that! Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

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Yeah I got a lifetime membership after reaching 60 and reset.

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How’s it working out for you? I couldn’t dream of resetting everything again, but I did consider mass resurrecting my burns.

As someone whose average level up time is extremely bad, I like seeing threads like these from people who weren’t going max speed. Congrats!


Just reading in peace and being happy for OP when suddenly dau de doua posturi in romana si am impresia ca google face some weird shit and translates from English to Romanian automatically.
Holy shit, you have no idea how happy I am to see some folks from my country (if you don’t live somewhere else) being on lvl 60. It gives me so much strenght!!Thank you!!
And good work! You did it in the end, that’s all that matters. I can’t wait to get there too.
Sorry for just budging in the conversation but seeing Romanian language here gave me an adrenalin rush heh.


To be fair, it only took so long because I had quit multiple times along the way (like the longest was over 600 days), because of being overwhelmed with reviews. When I was doing proper leveling I was always struggling to go super fast. One might argue that if I’d have gone slow from the beginning I wouldn’t have burned out :durtle: but who knows what might have been… Racing all the way to the end doesn’t seem to work for most people. Indeed, slow and steady wins the race :grin:

Not sure about @MissMisc, but I am from Romania. I’m just a regular guy doing programming work for a slave plantation multinational corporation dreaming of Japan in my spare time (and sometimes while on the job). Ce să faci, n-ai ce să faci…