Level 60 got

…14 days ago already, but I was too lazy to write a post, and also wanted to clean up the remaining lessons.

And today finally was the day for my final lesson to arrive, with a review streak of 832 and a lesson streak of 386, which will end tomorrow :smiling_face_with_tear:

The biggest hurdle for me were my mediocre English skills, which resulted in tons of leeches.

I don’t have anything helpful, insightful or inspiring to say, which wasn’t said by someone else before, other than:
If I can do this, you all can do this too. Really.

As for the near future, I will still continue my review streak, until it runs out naturally.
Also I’m going to finish up Tobira and hopefully be ready for N3 by Dec.
Other than this, I plan to do as much reading as I can and plan to play Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC (of course in Japanese), as soon as it arrives on Steam.

I heard, you like stats

How the different levels tiers felt to me, by Video Game music

Level 01 - 10 | 快 Pleasant

- YouTube

Level 11 - 20 | 苦 Painful

Persona 4 Golden - Time to Make History REAL Lyrics - YouTube

Level 21 - 30 | 死 Death

CYBERPUNK 2077 - RESIST AND DISORDER by Rezodrone (Jason Charles Miller & Jamison Boaz) - YouTube

Level 31 - 40 | 地獄 Hell

- YouTube

Level 41 - 50 | 天国 Paradise

- YouTube

Level 51 - 59 | 現実 Reality

Bloodborne DLC OST - Orphan of Kos - YouTube

Level 60 | 終わり The End

- YouTube
- YouTube

And thanks to the Race to your goal JLPT 2020, Luminaries and the Let’s climb Tokyo Skytree threads, as well as to the authors of Tsurukame, the authors of all the other scripts I have used and of course to the WaniKani Team for creating this lovely tool and community :slight_smile:


i love this!
i will listen to them in order to feel your pain joy!

and of course here’s some cake for ya


lol i slaughtered a large chunk of reviews on this one!
growling all the while.


Nice, you made me laugh :smiley:


Rest in peace :smiling_face_with_tear:

EDIT: Forgot to add my level up progress in the OP


Omedetou @febLey san :star_struck:

Thanks for your regular encouragement on the Tokyo Skytree thread :slight_smile: I am happy to see you reach the top.


Good luck on your future endeavors :crossed_fingers:


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