Level 60 at long last

Yahallo, everyone, it’s my turn to brag now. :slight_smile:

After just over two years, I have finally reached the promised land of level 60. Here’s my progress:

When focused and locked in, there were no troubles for me, doing a week/level pace. However, it is not so easy being locked in for so long, apparently. I had three major bumps - at level 26, I went on a month trip to Japan, so WK was on hold and getting back was a challenge. Then immediately I went unemployed for a while and my motivation to do WK died with it, so I had a set back at level 28.

Later on, I got back on previous schedule and that went on until level 42 or thereabouts at which point there was a change (a happy one) in my life which took my attention away from WK for even longer. And with reviews building it was a daunting challenge to get back to it. I had 300 lessons and 3200 reviews piled up by the time I got back to WK, which was quite a task :smiley: And with skipping so much time, the accuracy was also shot, which definitely didn’t help.

However, after plowing through them all, I managed to stick to the schedule once again and here I am now :slight_smile:

Now, I will finally be able to spread out my attention for japanese over more subjects. My grammar is poor, my vocab is lacking and listening is not much better. Reading kanji is now the thing I am most confident in.

Thank you, WK. It has been a journey. I would still be unable to read even basic kanji without you, this gamified program was the only one I was able to stick to. It is a huge fun to be able to read the kanji in my japanese class and I definitely wouldn’t have passed my N3 test without you. :slight_smile:

I will still have to burn all of the things here, so I will stick around until then.

Love you all, :heart:


I hope I will get to level 60 in a year as well. I already past JLPT N3 but after the exam I stopped studying Japanese for 9 months and forgot most of the things I learned. I’m new in here but it shouldn’t be that diffucult to make progress until level 25 or 30. I guess real challenge will start from there.
People like you who share their overall progress helped me to create my schedule. It seems 1 level takes approximately 7 days. Anyway, thank you for sharing your progress and congratulations again.


Mad props!




Congratulations!! :partying_face: :tada: :partying_face: :confetti_ball:


Congrats! Wow, that’s just… wow! :confetti_ball: :hearts:
I don’t know if I could’ve manged the 3.2k reviews :scream:, I’ve just gotten back from a year-long break and feeling awfully discouraged by less than a third of that…
'hope you’re rewarding yourself with a bit of a celebration! :blush:


bow haikyu
Well done @NotAtAll! All the best on :fire:-ing them all!

keep chugging along!


Congrats! :cake:

Ya’ll are amazing. I can’t do levels so fast. My chart is all over the place.

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Congrats!!! If you ignore those few little blips, that’s a very handsome progress bar graph you’ve got there :wink:

Enjoy the cake!


Congratulations! I am stuck at level 13 for the moment. Reports like yours give me new courage to continue.
How can I view my stats? Is it builtin in Wanikani?

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It’s in wkstats.com. You will have to insert your api key for it to work though. It should be under Account → API tokens tab in wanikani.

Thanks for the support everyone :slight_smile:


Big congratulations. It’s quite the achievement! Just back after taking a month off myself and it took about a week to get through 700 reviews so hats off to you!

Can i ask you if you feel like the different levels are appropriately named? The levels named painful, death, hell, paradise? Did you notice kanji getting progressively more difficult? Just asking because it looks like you were consistently moving up levels after a week or so.

Congratulations again!

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Congrats! It’s always very inspiring for me to keep on going with lvl 60 stories like yours :))

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Thanks. I wouldn’t say they are getting more difficult, but with the amount of kanji ever increasing, there seem to be new ones appearing that are very similar to ones I’ve already learned and it’s not immediately apparent.

For example: In level 50 - there was this kanji:

簿 - Record book.

In the context of level 50 it was easy to remember and I made no mistakes. But then a review came up for this kanji from level 40:

薄 - Dilute.

I immediately typed in ‘Record book’ in the answer field and obviously got it wrong.

I feel like there are a lot of kanji that I feel like I know, but I know not well enough. The hope is that it will fix itself by the time they are burned and ‘weak’ knowledge will not pass through.


how in the world are your levels so fast lol

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