Hello Level 60! One of my toughest life achievements

It took a lot of graft, but here we are! When I started this, there was a large part of my subconscious that didn’t have the confidence that I could complete such an epic task. It’s far from over I know, but hitting level 60 was my next major goal after passing the JLPT N4 in July, so I’m rather pleased with myself.

I made a video to celebrate the occasion. If you want to check it out, here it is:

Now to get back to the reviews and collect all those burns!






I’d say you “shredded” level 60 to pieces!


Is that how many there are on here, 2027? I actually have no idea.

2027 Kanji and 6290 vocab.


Who knew…

Haha awesome vid!

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Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

You can see your progress in your profile, states how much % of all the kanjis and vocabs you have learned. That’s where you can see the total :slight_smile:

I have 24% :neutral_face:

First of all, a BIG congratulations to reach level 60! It’s a dream of mine to get there one day too! I cant even imagine the feeling of finally getting that last item to Guru, the feeling must be amazing! (You should be really proud of yourself, and remember that there are people like me dreaming about it, so pat yourself on the back!)

The time it took for you is also very admirable and impressive, I cant even imagine the dedication needed to pull that off! Everyone of you that has made it to the top gives me more energy to push on, even if It’s gonna take me a much longer time, so thank you!

Hillarious movie, and I feel you! It really is just the start, and here I am dreaming about reaching level 60…

I don’t want to be that guy, but the suicide was a bit untasteful, even though it was hillarious in the context of the video!

Sorry for my rambling, and once again HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!

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I’m almost at 1/6th (almost level 10, so yar)
I can do it! Persist I must!

Thank you very much. I’m glad to give you a bit of encouragement to keep pushing forward!

No problem being ‘that guy’ aha, I knew that joke wouldn’t land with everyone, but I just have a very dark sense of humour!

Looking at my progress it is ridiculous how long ago I burned some of these words.

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