Level 60 (Again 😅) 🎂

Today I just hit level 60 on WaniKani (again)! I’ll try to keep this short, since you guys can read my original level 60 post here. I joined WaniKani in August 2019 and completed it in January 2021, but I didn’t do nearly enough reading and so after I cancelled my subscription, I ended up forgetting a lot :melting_face: I reset back to level 20 in July of this year, and since I’ve studied much more grammar and have access to much more reading material this time, I think it’s gonna stick. Re-learning is much easier than learning.

I somehow timed this just right so that I could finish it JUST in time for me to go to Japan! I’m going to study abroad in Nagoya for 9 months, and my flight is this Wednesday! This past year of learning has genuinely been so motivating to me, since I’ve been reading more, I can understand much more of spoken Japanese, and I’ve made a few Japanese friends studying here in the US who are going to be living near me in Nagoya in a few months!

I’m very excited to see the difference that full immersion can have on my learning, I’m even more excited to just experience life in Japan, and I’m glad that I have a good foundation of kanji going into it. Even though I’ve been studying Japanese for about 4 years now, this feels like just a starting point on my path to fluency. But for now I’ll enjoy my cake, and finish packing my bags! :birthday:


Forgot the stats!

yeahhhh, 59 took me a while. Trying to move home from college, getting sick, and I really didn’t want to lose my (does math) woah, 83 level streak?! on the 0/0 Streak Challenge.

All my accuracy stats are about 3 percent higher than they were last time, which isn’t a lot, but I’m proud of it.

And here’s my heatmap. Lighter color = less reviews done that day. You can tell I’m much less consistent than I was last time I completed WK - I used to have this “no sleep until 0 reviews” thing going and all those habits kinda broke down when I did the fast levels the first time around. Those black squares mean 500 or more reviews in a day. Those were tough.


The forums are kind of blowing up with the update, but wanted to make sure you got some cake!

(please excuse my bad Photoshop skills, it’s 1:30am here :sweat_smile:)


Great work! :partying_face: :tada: Very inspiring as I’m doing like you, doing WK a second time (unless, you’re doing a Leebo, doing it a third! XD )


Congratulations!! I’m also doing WK a second time (reset all the way to lvl 1 tho :sweat_smile:) Much easier knowing that if you’ve done it once, you can do it again! Best of luck on your new life in Japan :pray: :birthday:


that is so awesome!

to have the will and drive to go through WK not once but twice!

wish you the very best for the Nagoya trip

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