Level 60 (Honestly still shocked I finished)

This morning I hit level 60 (which means I do still have one level left, so maybe I ought to wait, but I’m putting off doing my lessons) and I’m just so relieved. It’s been a lot of work. Not quite done yet, clearly, since I’m still gonna try to burn everything, but the hard part at least is over. It took me 523 days, which I don’t think is bad at all. I could have shaved a lot of time off the beginning, but hey. What can you do.

I’ve honestly never committed to anything like this before. I probably have never worked this hard on anything. I started learning Japanese 100% on a whim, having absolutely no plans to actually try that hard, and when I got my WK subscription I did so after already accepting that there was practically no chance I would ever actually finish. I didn’t think I was capable of this level of commitment, especially not toward something so rote-memorize-y.

Routine is a powerful thing. Once you get it in your head that you gotta clean out your stack every day before bed, or that you gotta do your current level reviews now so you can level up faster, or that you have to 0/0 today because it’s your only chance, then that’s it. You gotta do it. Looks like in the past 3 months, I’ve been averaging over 3 hours a day on WaniKani. I don’t think there’s one other thing in this world I could spend that much time on, but because it’s reviews, I don’t think twice. I have to do them. Maybe that’s a bold thing to say while I am currently putting off the 300 reviews I woke up to and all the new lessons for level 60. I’ll do them later.

Thanks to WaniKani, I’ve got this massive disconnect between Kanji knowledge and actual ability to speak, read, write, or otherwise understand Japanese… I’ve been learning the language about a year and a half and I’ve been in an actual class for about a semester of that. I went and changed my major to Japanese, I’d been planning on doing translation before I even started WaniKani, but doing this made me change the target language to Japanese. My University recommends a full year study abroad in Japan though, so I’m likely going to be able to do that 2022-2023, and until then I’m studying grammar pretty hard and trying to do a lot more reading. It’s kind of weird having the level 60 circle and yet not speaking half as well as a lot of people when they start WaniKani, but I guess everyone’s in different spots. I’m glad I did WaniKani when I did. And I’m excited to keep learning.

Anyway, that’s probably enough ranting about something I did that a bunch of other people here have already done, I’ve gone on long enough writing the exact same level 60 post people have read a dozen times. Here are my stats:

(That ugly bar over level 51 is when I took a break to cut down my number of apprentice items because I was getting too many daily reviews. Of course after a week it was back to 300, and I figured I may as well just accept it and keep going until the end.)

The middle one is my heatmap, it’s a userscript I added to my dashboard. Darker the color, more reviews I did in the day (the light blue is 100ish, second darkest is 400, black is 500+). It’s a cool extension, you can see exactly how many reviews you’ve done and how many hours you’ve spent on any given day, how many burns, accuracy, etc.

Feel free to ask any questions, I’ll do my best to answer concisely but I’m pretty long winded so I apologize if I shoot back paragraphs at you explaining how to finish levels faster or which userscripts are good. Best of luck to everyone else on their journey, if a notorious lazy slacker with absolutely no expectations for myself can do it based on sheer habit, I think just about anyone can. Thanks for indulging me! みんな頑張ってね!


That’s brilliant Izzy. I hope you’re going to treat yourself to something to celebrate! Habit is a marvellous thing isn’t it. (I have been meditating daily for a year… it’s made me think I could make a habit of WK as well… like you I started rather on a whim but am now a bit obsessed with doing my reviews every day. 500 a day though - blimey). And look at your stats - very impressive %s. It’s very inspiring that you’re now doing Japanese as your major, even though you’d not thought of it before. Good luck to you. Who knows where this will take you. (well, Japan probably. But beyond that :slight_smile: )


Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake: :confetti_ball:


Congratulations! What are your early plans now that you’ve finished WaniKani? How do you intend to proceed?

I’ll catch up soon-ish; I hope you all don’t exhaust all the cakes before I’m able to grab one.


I’m headed back to college tomorrow, so I’m gonna get together with some friends to celebrate. Doing that many daily reviews is certainly not expected-basically, 15 of the last 20 levels are “fast levels”, where there are few enough radicals that you don’t need to wait for a second batch of kanji to finish your level. That can cut your time on level down to 3 days 10 hours. The faster you go, the more lessons you’ll need to do. Most of the time I averaged between 150-300 reviews daily, but that’s also something you control based on your pace.


I’m working ahead of my class, picked up next year’s textbook and I’m reading through that. The plan is to do a lot more reading over the next year and a half, and start watching anime with Japanese subs, then eventually no subs.

And don’t worry, the cake is infinite. You can have some of mine :cake:


Good luck! I’m not sure if you’re already taking part in one, but you can check out WaniKani’s reading clubs sometime, it might be of use to your goal. :wink:

nom, nom, nom.


Congratulations :confetti_ball: :fireworks:

I myself, was only studying Japanese during the summer breaks but now I’ve been getting addicted to learn the language and doing reviews.

though once again, congratulations!


Congratulations, Izzy!! About the speaking: you’re doing well for only having studied a year and a half. You just need to get a lot more experience! The more you speak, the easier it gets. There will be a disconnect between your grammar understanding and vocab knowledge, and what you actually manage to say out loud, for a while yet. The only way to level it out is to speak regularly and often! Like you’re doing with French as well, I think.

Log out and back in to get that golden circle!


Congratulations, Izzy! Don’t forget to treat yourself. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: I love reading posts like this it makes me very happy. I hope one day I too will be able to finish the whole journey.



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Congratulations, and thank you!

It’s super inspiring to hear from you guys who’ve gone through wanikani, in particular here at the beginning of this path.


Amazing work! おめでとうございます!

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How did you finish level 58 in 3 days?!

If you get everything right first try as soon as they become available it will only take 3 days and 12 hours since 58 is a fast level.

About 15 of the last 20 levels are fast levels, there are few enough radicals that you don’t need to wait for the second batch of kanji to finish the level. That does mean you have to be a lot more religious about reviewing all current level kanji right when they pop up though. I had to set a lot of late night and early morning alarms for the first two days.

:durtle_noice: :+1:t3:

I noticed your speed seems to have picked up after around lvl 20.
Is that because the levels are easier :pleading_face: or is it because you buckled down and developed a routine?

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Mostly the routine bit. I got a better idea of which reviews I had to do right away and which I could wait on, and started focusing on finishing all kanji lessons after a day or two. I think my accuracy got better as well. After then I started trying each level for a new best, just kind of challenging myself to see how quickly I could do levels.

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