Level 5 KaniWani Not Unlocking

Hey everyone,

Just starting out and got to Level 6 in WaniKani today, but KaniWani has not updated to reflect this and has not given me any lessons on Level 5. I have even locked and unlocked the category and nothing happened. It gives me this message when I click Level 5 Vocab:

“All entries hidden. Ensure you have unlocked vocabulary on WaniKani for this level and check your WaniKani SRS filtering in [Settings]”

I have checked my filtering settings and I have all vocabulary for Level 5 unlocked as I am on Level 6 now.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

I haven’t used KaniWani in ages, but iirc it has a sync option hidden in the settings somewhere? Have you tried that?

Also might be worth considering switching to KameSame since KaniWani hasn’t seen an update in a while and still uses WK APIv1, which is due to be shut down in September, see this thread:

Edit: I was wrong here, my bad~

KaniWani, I believe, only updates once a day. What time that is depends on where in the world you are. Be patient.

This is incorrect. KaniWani has upgraded to API V2 on May 5th 2020.

Going to OP request, did you go to the KaniWani Vocabulary option in the top bar? There should be a list of levels with padlocks like this:

You need to make sure the padlock are in the unlocked position by clicking on them. By default the padlocks of older levels are locked to avoid a storm of lessons and reviews.


I stand corrected. I hadn’t seen anything about that.

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This is what I meant by update (from the KW site):

Dude, where’s my changes?

It would be uncouth of us to hammer WK constantly checking for potential changes, so we only sync a few times over a 24 hour period. This means, you may have to wait up to 12 hours for newly unlocked vocab or synonym changes to appear. Patience, young durtle.


Thanks for the reply! The thing I am mostly confused about is I had been on Level 5 already for a few days working on vocabulary, and with the other levels I had it would update while I was on the level. I will wait another 24 hrs but I’m just unsure of what else I can do if the changes still don’t happen. Will keep you all updated. Thanks again!

Thanks for the reply! I have already tried locking and unlocking level 5 in the vocab section. For now I am just going to wait another 24 hrs, and if nothing happens might consider a full SRS reset since I’m not super far into the course yet. Will be back with updates tomorrow.

In that case there is another thing you should check. There are settings like this:


Maybe they are set to values where you have no items qualifying.

Yeah I checked that as well, the below is Apprentice and above is Burned, and all the other levels seem to be working fine. I was also on Level 5 for at least 3 days before I got to Level 6, so I really am quite unsure what else could be the issue.

Update for anyone curious:
Been about a day and a half since I posted, still nothing showing up in KaniWani for Level 5.
I tried out KameSame for the first time yesterday, and used my WaniKani token and was getting Level 5 and 6 vocab questions.

The only other thing I noticed was in the WaniKani vocab, I still have 5 words I haven’t unlocked in Level 5, even though I am already getting Level 6 vocab. Going to wait until those 5 are unlocked and then try resetting the whole API for KaniWani if nothing changes.

Very weird to be only getting 4-8 questions for the whole day now on KaniWani since almost everything is Guru lol.

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