KaniWani Level 9 Unlock

I can’t unlock level 9 vocab on KaniWani. I’ve been level 10 for some time and can’t remember how it’s supposed to work but I’ve got all the level 9 vocab at least at apprentice so I think it should be available.

I think it’s related to the change from level 9 to level 11 of 見物. This change has yet to be applied to wkstats.com so there is a glaring grey gap in level 9 vocab on there. Obviously that is a problem in itself but could it be this which is stopping me from unlocking level 9 vocab on WaniKani if the level change hasn’t been applied there either?
[EDIT: Meant KaniWani, not WaniKani in first sentence.]

Can you clarify this?

Those seem to be contradictory.

What vocab items specifically are currently locked?

EDIT: Ah, rereading the thread title, I guess you meant KaniWani in the first part

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Oops. Edited.