Re Sync KaniWani

I have just reset my Wanikani and was looking to reset my Kaniwani as well, but it seems to be broken now. I have clicked start at level 1 in Kani, and toggled the sync switch, but now it just seems to be stuck at Next Review: Loading…

Is this something I can fix myself? Or does it have to be done internally? Google searches provided no insight.


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Let’s try the batsignal for @Subversity or @Tadgh11

Resetting to level one locks everything. Head to the vocabulary page and you should be able to unlock level 1 from there

Ok it appears I have ‘unlocked’ the first vocab lesson, but now I am halted at this:

All entries hidden. Check your WaniKani SRS filtering in Settings

I have messed about quite a bit in the settings on both websites to no avail.

Do you happen to have your minimum WK srs level set to anything above Apprentice? If so, that could explain it. If not, email me your username via the contact page in KW and I can investigate your account

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