KaniWani Question

Quick KaniWani Question. So, I’ve been a little frustrated because I don’t feel like KaniWani is syncing with my WaniKani levels very promply. Am I misunderstanding the way the system syncs? I was under the impression that if I checked “Follow WaniKani Progress,” then after I unlocked a piece of vocabulary then it would appear on KaniWani within a day or so. But, my KaniWani vocabulary is continually way behind my WaniKani vocabulary and sometimes won’t unlock after what feels like a week. Does KaniWani only unlock vocab after you guru it in WaniKani? Idk I’m just confused.

I’m having the same issue. I’m on lvl 3 here, but lvl 2 there.

You’ll probably get a faster response if you post this on the KaniWani thread. The devs might miss this separate one.

Can’t give you an answer myself though. I don’t use KW at the moment.