KaniWani what?

I just started using KaniWani, I’m level thirteen. Thing is, it started me on level thirteen lessons and it says all previous levels are locked. Uh, what should I do, basically? Thanks.

I believe you just go with it. You can unlock previous lessons, but you will get a TON of reviews coming at you. KW is hard enough when you are doing it along with WK. Over time, once you get used to the process, you might unlock old lessons one at a time, but be prepared for a big jump in reviews.

I think KW is worth doing, especially if you want to converse in Japanese some day. The brain process of English-to-Japanese is different, but it can lead to SRS burnout if you’re not careful.

If you go into your settings, you can make it so you can only do lessons once your WaniKani items hit a certain level. Considering you’re level 13 already, I’d suggest maybe having it unlock lessons once your WaniKani items hit enlighted or burned. But, it’s up to you. Then, go to the vocabulary tab, and you can unlock each level by pressing on the little lock button. If you want, you could just unlock each level every so often instead of unlocking them all at once. They’re still there, they just won’t be in your lessons until you unlock them manually.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

@dojodog & @_josh, thanks so much–