Level 21 before 2021!

If you use Android then you can use the Flaming Durtles app and set it to use different fonts, not sure about iOS though. In theory if you have a mobile browser that can get a userscript addon (Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey etc) then you should be able to use scripts I think :slight_smile:

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Now I recognize him as well! Good job, lmao.


Leveled up yet again! - 7 days and 22 hours this time because I was obsessed watching Netflix instead of doing my reviews as soon as they came ^^", so barely safe this time, this week will try and be more consistent and not distracted… (Binged watched all Umbrella Academy in like 3 days) (Plus Aggretsuko and Lucifer )

Feels so exciting to be so close to Level 10!
@KyokaJiro thanks! Pandaing my way to successful reviews! :stuck_out_tongue:
Congrats on your first burns! My first enlightened came a few days ago and that was exciting as well

Congratulations to everyone else on their path to success! <3


I’m scared uni is going to mess me up really bad ;_; But then again, it’s partially online and it isn’t going to be as busy as other years. People say I’m going to have a lot of free time. Are you in the UK if you don’t mind me asking?


10 characters.


Anybody around level 19 or 20 guys? So I noticed I have the same trouble I had last time around, I reached level 18, doing very well, 0/0 every level. But then I hit level 19 during my holiday, didn’t btoher with learning new radicals as I wanted to clean up level 18 first.
But I still have 95 vocab to learn… how?? I always cleaned up my vocab before moving on. Anybody else encoutered this? What is your experience.
I am now doing 20 vocab lessons per day before I actually start on level 19. But it feels a bit annoying, levelling up and feeling overwhelmed.
encouragements are welcome!


So this could have happened for a number of reasons. First off, there is new vocab from level 19 (should be 16, if I’m correct) and in your case I suspect you got really unlucky with the Kanji that enabled you to level up/those that weren’t even Guru yet when you leveled up. Those unlock some vocab from the old level and if you’re having bad luck those Kanji might just be the ones with the most vocab in level 18. That’s how you suddenly got so many at once.
Don’t let it discourage you as everything you do now you don’t have to do later on. Just plow through that for a few days and then you can start on the new level.


I had something similar at the beginning of level 17. Lots of leftover vocab from level 16 and many new kanji on level 17. Not that much new vocab.

I do 15 lessons every day, and what I did was 10 vocab from level 16 plus 5 kanji from level 17 every day for a week. It worked out well in the end where I finished all my leftover vocab from level 16 plus the new vocab from level 17 around the same time that I finished my kanji on level 17. I reached 0 lessons and 0 reviews on Sunday. For me at least, it’s important to reach 0/0 on every level. That way I know that I have cleared out the previous levels before levelling up again.



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@Yuuzuu I used the Level Progress Detail Script

It’s honestly my most necessary user script besides the ultimate timeline. I am never blind sided by the unlocking of any item. Because vocab is always unlocked at the end of a level it includes a bar for the last levels vocab, so you can make sure you aren’t falling behind. I have been regularly leveling up on Saturday morning for the time being.

So my schedule is:
Saturday Learn Level 6 Radicals
Sunday Learn 6 Kanji Part One
Monday Learn Level 5 Vocab
Tuesday Learn Level 5 Vocab
Wednesday Learn Level 6 Kanji Part 2
Thursday Learn Level 5 Vocab
Friday Finish Level 5 Vocab, Learn some Level 6 Vocab
Saturday Level 6 Vocab.
Sunday Level Up, Repeat.

I can always see how much is still locked, how much is apprentice, how much is guru. Because I know I have radicals at apprentice 4, I know that more kanji will be unlocked tomorrow. I always make sure that I will be able to complete the last levels vocab before leveling up. I can do this by hovering over the gray of level 5 vocab and dividing it by 25. I can see with my schedule I will finish it of Friday, and be ready to level up to 7.

It works great for me, and I’m sure with this user script you could find something that will work for you!


Currently Barcelona. But I visited Valladolid once. You?


I just got to 17 and I have to say, after the last couple of levels (looking at you, FOURTEEN) I’m happy to have a few dumb ones in there, for a treat.


Now that I’m settling into WaniKani. I’m having trouble remembering to complete my mid morning reviews on time. They’re ready at ten and I just finished them at like 12:01, so they are also splitting the hours which makes me a tiny bit anxious.


Well, I’m really happy.

I’ve completed level 4 in 48 days, level 5 in 43 days, and after posting this and reading your responses, I’ve installed some extensions, did my best effort, and I’ve finished level 6 in only 12 days.

I’m extremely happy with the result, I don’t think I can get to 21 before 2021, but surely I’ll do it a lot quicker than I was expecting.

Thank you all!


That’s an amazing improvment! What do you think made the biggest difference?


This article: My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 ) - #2 by jprspereira helped me to understand how everything works and what I should be doing. I focused a lot on making all my lessons as soon as possible, even if it leaves me with a lot of reviews for the next day, since the last step for guru in the kanjis requires two days, and you might have completed everything but 5 kanjis are keeping you from leveling up.

Also, I’m using ConfusionGuesser, Wanikani JLPT Indicator, Wanikani Lightning Mode and Wanikani: Progress Percentages.

The progress percentages is great for motivation, and the lighting mode makes the reviews a lot faster.


What’s the confusion guesser do?


It’s great for similar kanjis, for example, cow (牛) and noon (午). If wanikani ask you for noon and you answer ushi, ConfussionGuesser will try to guess what kanji matches your wrong answer, so you can easily check the difference between the two kanjis. It does the same when asked for the meaning of the kanji.


Thanks, I will try it on the Firefox mobile browser.

Thanks Pamu san. Congrats on your first enlightened :raised_hands:t2: You are on cruise control :light_rail:

Stay safe and be extra careful :cookie:



Ganbare Yuuzuu san :sparkles:

Congrats on your level up cecil san :maple_leaf:

Great job leoxs San :star2: That is incredible progress :star_struck:


I’ve never been to Spain before sadly :pensive: but I’ll add it to my bucket list. Where would you suggest going that has a lot going on and a lot to do?