Level 21 before 2021!

Currently Barcelona. But I visited Valladolid once. You?


I just got to 17 and I have to say, after the last couple of levels (looking at you, FOURTEEN) I’m happy to have a few dumb ones in there, for a treat.


Now that I’m settling into WaniKani. I’m having trouble remembering to complete my mid morning reviews on time. They’re ready at ten and I just finished them at like 12:01, so they are also splitting the hours which makes me a tiny bit anxious.


Well, I’m really happy.

I’ve completed level 4 in 48 days, level 5 in 43 days, and after posting this and reading your responses, I’ve installed some extensions, did my best effort, and I’ve finished level 6 in only 12 days.

I’m extremely happy with the result, I don’t think I can get to 21 before 2021, but surely I’ll do it a lot quicker than I was expecting.

Thank you all!


That’s an amazing improvment! What do you think made the biggest difference?


This article: My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 ) helped me to understand how everything works and what I should be doing. I focused a lot on making all my lessons as soon as possible, even if it leaves me with a lot of reviews for the next day, since the last step for guru in the kanjis requires two days, and you might have completed everything but 5 kanjis are keeping you from leveling up.

Also, I’m using ConfusionGuesser, Wanikani JLPT Indicator, Wanikani Lightning Mode and Wanikani: Progress Percentages.

The progress percentages is great for motivation, and the lighting mode makes the reviews a lot faster.


What’s the confusion guesser do?


It’s great for similar kanjis, for example, cow (牛) and noon (午). If wanikani ask you for noon and you answer ushi, ConfussionGuesser will try to guess what kanji matches your wrong answer, so you can easily check the difference between the two kanjis. It does the same when asked for the meaning of the kanji.


Thanks, I will try it on the Firefox mobile browser.

Thanks Pamu san. Congrats on your first enlightened :raised_hands:t2: You are on cruise control :light_rail:

Stay safe and be extra careful :cookie:



Ganbare Yuuzuu san :sparkles:

Congrats on your level up cecil san :maple_leaf:

Great job leoxs San :star2: That is incredible progress :star_struck:


I’ve never been to Spain before sadly :pensive: but I’ll add it to my bucket list. Where would you suggest going that has a lot going on and a lot to do?


Cruised to level 14 yesterday, but I’ve been feeling under the weather, so gonna rein it back a bit for a couple of days or so.


Happy new month, everyone! :confetti_ball:

Just curious: Anyone here tried their hand at writing? As in, with pen and paper?

Personally, I don’t remember the last time I wrote something significant on pen and paper. Not even in English! And my handwriting is rubbish - it’s a general consensus that I am not quite able to disagree with. I don’t expect it will be better in Japanese :sweat_smile:


I write down all radicals and kanji when I learn them in the hope I’ll be able to remember them better.

I used to write all the vocab as well, but that took way too long.

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I’m a note taker when it comes to language.s So yes I do handwrite a lot of Japanese.

To me it is useful, I don’t go re-read the notes but writing them helps me focus.


My philosophy in this regard is I’ll be studying recognition at WaniKani levels and will be studying kanji-writing at Genki levels. That way I only learn how to write the most basic kanjis gradually. I don’t care about writing manually as much as I do about reading and understanding.


I’m not anti handwriting since at one point you’ll need to be able to write a fair amount of kanji by hand and at least be able to balance the strokes to a degree. That’s the reality of living in Japan. I’m not saying that we all need to become shodou masters but the idea of not learning to write at all is preposterous as well.

I made it to level 18. Disappointed with level 17 vocab selection so here’s hoping level 18 has better pickins. I’m within 3 levels of accomplishing the goal here.


Level 15 today


Congrats! I’m right behind you. Hope to join you in a couple of days!

Yay! Congrats!


Hi everyone! :wave:t4: Decided to join this to give me more motivation and reach the goal of finishing WaniKani! :smiley: :crossed_fingers:t4:


I almost exclusively always have leftover vocab by the time I level up. It’s pretty consistently in the 30’s too. I don’t find it that big of a deal, though, since every level feels like it’s gonna be this way for me. Best tips for me is to either let that happen, because it ‘looks’ worse than it is (since you see the number), and/or calculate how many lessons you need to do per day to 0 it out by the time you level, then you got yourself a schedule without having to think or worry if you’ll get it done on time.

Also if you end up having leftover vocab lessons, just reorder script to get them out of the way first.