Just realized I have been using WaniKani for a year, I'm only at 15

I have been using Wani Kanji very consistently for a year, but I am only at level 15. Has anyone else had this experience? I thought I would almost be done by now but Im not even halfway through.


Key to level up is accuracy on the Kanji


I’ve been at it over a year and a half, and I’m only level 13. So you’re doing better than me.

Learning a new language is hard.

Although, at that pace you might want to switch from annually to lifetime. (Unless you’re going slow from being in monthly and not always having an active account?)

We’ll both get there! : D


Yeah but at this point the life time would be four hundred dollars so it would only be cheaper if I bought it now and it takes me three years to finish.

I have gone up about 26 levels in the last 9 months, it all depends on how fast you want/are trying to level up.

Yeah, I started about 8 and a half months ago. And aim to be level 60 in time for the December JLPT (probably N1). Probably will have a good amount of buffer by then, because it’s possible to go faster in the last 15 levels.

To achieve the minimum level up time, you need to start working on the radicals first. The kanji can wait as much as a couple days because those radicals limit your progress anyway. I like to spread the kanji out now that things are getting pretty intense. When the radicals get to guru, the resulting kanji are the ones that will tip you over the edge of 90% in the shortest amount of time. You just need to make sure the kanji you started the level with are at guru by then.

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15 levels in one year is not the most efficient*, but does it work for you? If it does, great! If you’re doing a lot of reviews daily and getting them wrong, though, there are ways to help boost your reviews, such as making your own flash cards for the kanji you’re learning on this site.

*the most efficient is probably around 40-45 levels in a year, if you make no mistakes on kanji, and you actually sleep well.

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Learning consistency is the key. I agree with Leebo

And besides, if you really want to level up faster (only kanji and radicals are needed, using the WaniKani Lesson Ordering), which can be found on the link: WaniKani Lesson Ordering II

Yeah, vocab aren’t necessary (for leveling), but I don’t let anything sit in my lesson queue for more than about 24 hours. I only use the reorder script when getting those radicals done is a pain.

For instance, this morning, I woke up with 133 reviews, but the 5 radicals needed to be guru’d and I had less than 20 minutes before leaving for work.

Yep true. I am currently postponing the kanji’s left that I have in my lesson queue (will be levelling up after i start the lessons) as I am not that good in remembering kanji.

And another thing, that is worth noting, try to separate in how you learn lessons as doing a batch in one day (i.e. 40) will help you to actually not stress too much as this will mean that your reviews are spread out.

P.S Usually the script is not needed unless you want to level up slightly faster than usual.

Coming up on 3 years and I’m at 44…

one year and lvl16 (although i did a reset from lvl12 → lvl1 in september). do you need to go faster? as for me, i don’t. it’s not a race and i got a liftetime account exactly for the purpose of having all the time i need – so that i can occasionally pause learning japanese and fully pursue other interests.

another reason why my wanikani progress is slowing down is because i focused more and more on learning grammar, which i guess did far more for my language skills than pushing to lvl20.

I was at level 14 after a year. I mean, look at this:

Level 12 and 13 took me 173 days together!

It was due to my job, but the normal levels took me longes than the average in the community. I am taking my time. As shikaji said:

do you need to go faster?

I think that’s the main point. I do not need to but I am trying to do my reviews at least one a day (maybe twice), otherwise my precision rate plummets and a level will take forever XD

So just think why are you on Wani Kani. Are you here to learn kanji or to be on some weird leaderbord? If it is the first, then take it at your pace.

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Remember reviewing only once a day is not often enough because of the early srs levels!
But I would agree with others, consider if you actually need to go faster. If you do, you need a proper strategy and consistent hard work.

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Why do people always assume the people who are going fast are doing it just for the empty purpose of seeing the number next to their name go up.

I’m going to take N2 in July. It’s going to matter if I’ve studied 1500 kanji vs 800 or 500 kanji. And yes, I practice reading, speaking, and grammar every day too.

But on second thought, yeah, do I really need to even get up in the morning? :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“Leebo, post:15, topic:16532, full:true”]
I’m going to take N2 in July. It’s going to matter if I’ve studied 1500 kanji vs 800 or 500 kanji. And yes, I practice reading, speaking, and grammar every day too[/quote]

What/how do you practise grammar and reading? And what about listening?

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For grammar, Nihongonomori on youtube, japanesetest4you when I need a quick grammar reminder, and I write sentences and have my girlfriend tell me if they sound natural or not.

I’m reading Catcher in the Rye in Japanese, slowly, and making flashcards for new words and grammar points.

For speaking and listening, she can’t speak English, so I have no choice.

Thank you, I’ve been looking for some place to practice my grammar! :grin:

I started Oct. 2015, now I’m level 22. See no need to rush. Granted I have a horrid memory, so its hard to begin with. But rather go slow and have a better long term retention, than to get my number up fast but forgot a lot in the end.

You live in Japan though don’t you? And you mention your girlfriend corrects your stuff, so I’m assuming shes Japanese.
You’re a bit of an unfair comparison. Just being surrounded by Japanese is going to help immensely. Whether you’re actively using your surroundings as a learning tool or not, it forces you to learn, and is a constant reinforcement of what you have learned. Not saying you’ll just learn through osmosis, but ya know what I mean. A lot different for those of us who have to learn 100% solo. No classes, nobody to help, nobody who even gives a shit about Japan/Japanese.

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