Learning Alternative Correct Responses

After a vocabulary item is answered there should be some options for:

“My answer was right and Wanikani didn’t accept it.”
“My answer was wrong and Wanikani accepted it.”

Then you could record those answers and if people are typing in a correct answer than Wanikani isn’t taking it would start to learn them.

For example:
“quiet voice”
“My answer was right and Wannikani didn’t accept it.”
After a couple people do that it starts accepting “quiet voice” as an answer.

A full machine learning implementation could be used, but even simple implementations would likely do.

For now, use

Also, I wrote this script to translate beyond simply English translations: [Userscript] WaniKani JJ External Definition from Weblio (JP) and Kanjipedia

For an easier English external definitions, see [Userscript] WaniKani Part-Of-Speech

That’s a good interface too with the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. They should work that into the site.

Thank you @polv for the suggestion. Been loving this addon. I know too many English words and often type correct responses that WaniKani wasn’t taking, but now it takes them! :smile:

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