Learn vocab straight after learning relevant kanji

hi ! ive never posted on here before, so sorry if i mess something up…
ive been looking for a way to reorder my lessons so that my vocab lessons come straight after i have done the lessons for all the kanji included in the vocab. at the moment my issue is that i get to the end of all the kanji for a level, then suddenly get hit by all the vocab, even when some of the kanji i learnt ages ago.
this might also be because i use [Userscript] Lesson Lock so the rate i do my lessons at is a lot slower… but if anyone has a script to reorder my lessons in this way please let me know !!

edit: my solution is to use [Userscript] Reorder Omega which allows to sort by voc, rad, kan !


That’s sadly not possible. A piece of vocab only unlocks, when you guru’d all the kanji it contains (and if you’ve reached the level the vocab is on). This is deliberately done, so you actually know the kanji properly before you try to learn the vocab for it.


a partial solution might be to use lesson re-ordering and do vocab first.

vocab tends to come quite soon after you guru the relevant kanji. but if you’re going slow (e.g. 5 lessons a day) it might still be quite a while before get to the relevant vocab. in particular if the vocab is in the level above the kanji, you have to slog through all the kanji before getting to the vocab. by doing vocab lessons first, you can at least mitigate that a bit.

my current preferred use for lesson reordering is to do kanji and vocab concurrently, e.g. 2 kanji and 8 vocab per day.


ah yes i think this solved my problem !! thank you very much

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I had the same complaint, but eventually started to treat it as way to reinforce the memory. I wanted to create associations between kanji and vocab where it is used, but I can still do it even weeks after. A bit less time efficient, but it might be better for long term memory.