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I am finding something that is bugging me a bit, would love some feedback.

As I unlock vocab lessons, I get the newest ones first.

Example… I unlock 限、輩、満 in that order. I won’t see 無限 until I have cleared all of the vocabs associated with first 満 and then 輩.

Since I don’t do all the lessons every day (10-20 is manageable for me), I find that vocabs can get stuck at the back of the pack. This decouples them from the kanji guruing order and I don’t do as well with those kunyomi.

Is there a way to get the oldest lessons first?

I don’t think there’s a way to do that unfortunately. You could always try the Lesson Filter script so you can learn kanji and vocab at the same time. When I did this I rarely learned vocab more than a couple days after guruing its respective kanji.

I’m a big supporter of the ‘Ascending order then shuffled’. It makes it easier to connect kanji to newly learnt radicals, and vocab to newly learnt kanji.

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