Vocab lesson order after guru-ing kanji

Okay so what I mean by that is that vocab lessons get pushed to the top of the lesson queue whenever a new kanji is guru’d. So if I have guru’d a kanji, but didn’t do the according vocab lessons yet, the vocab falls back in the list and new vocab piles up over it from kanji that I passed later.

Is there a reason that lessons are ordered like that? I think it would be better if the vocab you unlocked first is also the first you get when doing lessons.


I’m still a noob but I have been thinking this exact thing.

My guess is that a lot of people haven’t noticed that the lessons are ordered this way since they clear them out as soon as they pop up. Or it just doesn’t bother them at all, usually it’s no problem for me either. It just sometimes happens that I forget the kanji reading entirely if I spend to long on one level and get no reinforcement from vocab.

This happened to me recently on my last level. I think WK has to assume a certain progression rate and adds the vocab to the stack as it is unlocked. I’m guessing this is a consequence of the SRS system where reinforcement has to come as soon as possible in order for the memory to stick.

The last few levels I’ve been experimenting with different lesson methods: clearing all lessons ASAP, 20 lessons per day, and 20 lessons every other day.

The latter one is where I ran into the issue. I won’t start my current level until Monday since I’m still clearing out vocab from the previous level so I’ve decided to stick with the 20 lessons per day method.

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