Specific Reordering of Kanji and Vocabulary

Hello everyone,

I am looking to see if this has crossed anyone’s mind or if it exist. When starting a new level, I would like to learn one kanji first (電 for example), then learn all of its vocabulary for that level (電気、電車、電子). For me, this would make it easier to reinforce the on’yomi and kun’yomi readings instead of a randomized selection of kanji and vocabulary.

The only userscripts I have found are only geared towards reordering lessons to either all kanji or all vocabulary.

That’s not possible as vocab items won’t unlock until the respective kanji have been guru’d.

Edit to add:
The only way to make this work is you’d have do guru one kanji at a time sequentially then do its vocab lessons. So you’d be looking at finishing WK in well over 20 years at that pace.


Unfortunately, even if they were previous/current level kanji in the vocab, it’s not possible, and here’s why:

  1. You level up to Level 27.
  2. You unlock the radical “Call”: 召
  3. You review it, and at least 82 hours later, it becomes Guru.
  4. Then, now that you really know that radical, you unlock a kanji with that radical: 招
  5. Same as step 3
  6. Same as step 4 for the vocabulary 招く
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@athomasm @JapanStar49 Thank you both so much for the Information. I didn’t know about the correlation between guru and vocabulary. Time to continue grinding away ^___^


No problem! Welcome to the forums!

Just clearing up how things unlock in case you needed to see an illustration of the explanation above. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: