[REQUEST][QUESTION] Order script to related Vocab right after each Kanji

Im using nativeshark in addition to wanikani and their SRS seem well thought
,their way is like 2 or 3 kanji with (no kun or on) but meaning ( with radical mnemonics) , and then vocab for those kanji right after .

Is there a script that can order the lesson and review like this :
You review radical related to the next kanji then the kanji and then all the vocab right after related to this kanji , once you get kanji gurued, you go to the next radical and so on.

Unlike the order we got now which is all radical , then all kanji then all vocab.

I’m doing this manually using the Jakeippu (sp?) app for WK, since it lets you ‘pick’ what you want to learn next. I do 1 kanji then Guru it, do related vocabs, then move on to next kanji.

I only just started it in this level, hoping to have better retention. Would be nice though if I could do the same in the browser.

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where do you found this app ? thanks.

(Just checked, the spelling is Jakeipuu)

It’s in the Google Play/App Store. Available in Android and iOS.

Here’s their thread on WK: [iOS/Android] Jakeipuu

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Hmm, maybe I don’t properly understand your method, but if you only do 1 Kanji, then after Guru-ing it you will automatically get only the vocab that is related to it, no? So there is no special magic involved, WK does this for you already.

(It’s a different story at the start of the level, because then you will get a bunch of vocab that are related to earlier kanji but which they decided to unlock only at that level.)

My old method was to do 5 kanjis a day until all that level’s kanjis are done, then that’s only when I start the vocabs. So there’s been a pretty big gap between when I learned the kanji to when I learn its associated vocab, since I’m already slow to begin with. I’d see a new vocab and I’d be like, wait what’s that kanji again? :sweat_smile:

Now I’m trying to Guru the kanji first then learn its vocabs right away before I move on to the next kanji. So in a way I’m really just reordering when I learn things. I’m not even sure yet if this will actually work better for me, but so far it’s been helpful. I’ll have to reevaluate after long-term use.

Hope this clarifies what I said, I’m not very good at explaining!


It’s does work better for me on nativeshark, @NicoleRauch the only issue is it’s totaly delayed if you have to wait for guru to get the vocab for the kanji, i have a better retention using the kanji directly another difference in nativeshark they use sentence for vocab which work wonder.

I use the WaniKani Lesson Filter script to do something similar to this. You can choose how many lessons of each type you want at a time (i.e. 2 radicals, 3 kanji, 10 vocab).

There are some caveats:

  1. This script does not let you choose which vocab, just presents them in order of unlock. This means that when you first level up and a bunch of vocab unlock at once, you have to get through that stack before you can learn the ones for the new kanji. This is not usually a problem for me, since it takes me a while to guru the new radicals and the first 5-10 of the new kanji.
  2. You still need to unlock the related vocab. That means that you must have all component kanji at guru or higher for the vocab to show as available in lessons.

It’s been working pretty well for me so far. This also can help you get started on a new level’s radicals and kanji earlier, by interspersing them with the old level’s vocab instead of waiting until you complete all the old level’s vocab before starting on the new level’s radicals and kanji.