Last item in reviews has to be entered twice

When did this problem first appear? And for those who have reported, are any of you not using scripts or extensions when the problem happened?

I’m a scripter, but I think it got noticeable around 2-3 months ago? May have started before, but this is when it started happening almost every time, especially on mobile.

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I also have experienced this issue starting quite a while ago. It doesn’t bother me, but for debugging purposes, I’m running Firefox on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and I’m using the Clean Dashboard, Dashboard Progress Plus, Ultimate Timeline, and Reorder Ultimate 2 scripts. (I also recently added Golden Burn, Real Numbers, and Burn Review, but I’d been experiencing this issue since before I added those.)

I have it too. Using chrome and some script. Start having this problem some time after I started using script

I’ve noticed it a few weeks ago, I’m not sure exactly. I was using scripts, but even after uninstalling all scripts and extensions (for a different reason altogether) it kept happening.

This has also happened to me on previous months, though it hasn’t been as common recently. I only started using scripts on this computer a couple of weeks ago.

This only happens to me when I enter a synonym during review. The item will then pop up again. Maybe it is what this is about.

This started happening a while ago but I don’t recall since when. I never cared enough to mention it. I don’t use scripts or anything of that sort, I use both mobile and laptop.

I don’t recall this happening prior to using scripts but this might be a coincidence.

Maybe everyone who encounters this problem should list the scripts they’re using (if they are) ?

I’ve had the problem for several months. I’ve always just assumed it’s a curse for using scripts and decided to live with it :wink:
Mac, firefox, scripts

But I see people also get it without them, so guess not! If it can be fixed that would be great =)
If not, well, I’ve already learned to live with it =P
It’s only one item, never more, so not that bad.

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I’m using Chrome and also quite a few scripts. I’m not sure exactly when this problem started occurring but I never thought about mentioning it before because I thought it was just me or my internet or whatever.
It doesn’t happen all the time, it seems to be random but I can try disabling all the scripts for my next review session and see what happens.

This has started happening to me in browser now too (Firefox on Mac OS 10.10.5). It’s not just repeating the last item, but for some reason after I exit the review session it gets added back as one available review, so I have to start a new session to clear it. I’ve disabled WK Improve (only script I was using) so we’ll see if that helps.

We pushed out an update which should address this issue. If it does not please let us know!


I have it still happening on my end. I’m using the latest version of Chrome on Windows 10. I have scripts installed however, not sure if that might be keeping this bug around. I’ll try without scripts for a bit and see if there’s a difference. It doesn’t happen to me every time, but most times it does repeat.

I have had similar issues intermittently with this ever since I started using scripts, but now the entire review list starts from scratch as long as I have any script running. on the last correct answer it flashes 0 then goes right back to the number I have to review. Working with Firefox on Mac High Sierra.

This happened to me first time today. I had to do like 35 review items again thinking it might be some external issue. But it got reset again. I disabled all scripts and did a “wrap up” with 10 items and it worked.

Some script might be messing up this process after the update. I’m not sure which… This is bad, really bad.

This doesn’t sound like the same bug as this topic is about.

Sorry. Posted in a hurry when I saw the title. Not sure what to do from here. I disabled every script and kept only the “WK Double Check” one, and it happened again. I don’t have the time at the moment to try with others.

It might be related to that particular script. Will have to confirm later.

See this thread:

Seems the script broke. You can send inquiries to the authors here:

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