Getting the same review items multiple times

Whenever I try to do my reviews, I get the same 9 items every time. No matter my answers, the results screen shows the same outcome. Is this happening for anyone else?

I should also add that the dashboard says I have 21 items queued up, but I still get the same 9 items when I start the session.

Do you have another instance of WK open on a review / lesson screen anywhere? Whether it be on pc, phone, or tablet. I know that can cause trouble and recurring items.


Are you using scripts? If so try turning them off and see if the problem persists. If it doesn’t then it’s probably caused by a script, or 2 scripts not working well together. If turning scripts off fixes it, then turn them back on one by one until it happens again to figure out which one is causing it and report it on the script’s thread so it can be fixed.


Yeah this was it. I’d used my phone for the first time and after going back to it the new items were available for some reason. Thanks.


Glad to hear it was an easy fix :+1:


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