Kumirei's Userscripts

Could you possibly have more than one instance of the script running?

Can we include mine (details over at WaniKani Discord Bot (Unaffiliated)) after we begin releasing versions?

This is just a list of the scripts that I made. I think you are looking for this list

You should be able to add to it yourself, once you are ready


!emote url tj3starsing “https://i.imgur.com/NfvOTBy.png

Sorry for only just now trying this, but I still can’t get it to work ):

I’m having trouble with the !emote script no longer displaying my emotes. :cry:

I’ve had increasing issues these past days and today Firefox upgraded to a new version that changes stuff around more than usual. I’ve had all scrips reset to default 3 times in 3 days, but hoped that would be the end of it. I couldn’t log on today without deleting my wanikani cookies. (rip my regular counter status)

But this latest bout of problems just puzzles me…what’s going on here??

testing :high_touch:

  • testing :high_touch:

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not to mention my durtle emoticons don’t work it seems.

Sorry if the break off point doesn’t check out but I just wanted to catch the last messages on my console

What do I need to do to fix the emoticons? :eyes:

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I’m sorry, what are you testing in your post?

Also, if you deleted your cache your saved emotes are also gone


!emote new tj3starexcite “https://i.imgur.com/0oDOQrn.png”
!emote new tj3starlaser “https://i.imgur.com/siAA26a.png”

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You can’t even add new ones though

I see…rip T_T


I don’t know which topic should I ask. So my best bet should be here.

Is there any script that prevent me from entering Wanikani community webboard if I still not finish all the review?

That would be the best motivation to finish all the review lol

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Can we get an Other Voice Actor update plz. It broke. I got used to pressing I but now no Kyoko :cry:

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Try Procrastination Annihilation and Remove useless panels


Of course! I’ll look into it next week!


This should be fixed now!

Omg thanks :tada: but I found bugs…
I did my reviews and it was fine except one thing, I got “tomorrow” and answered あす but Kyoko said みょうにち (I don’t remember how previous version of script behaved when multiple answers) I expected her to say あす too, or first item あした .
Then I decided to check if lessons worked, get whichever lvl16 vocab but Kyoko says しょうひん from latest review item 商品. Page refresh not helping, script reinstall not helping. Fix pls? :pleading_face:

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Does this work? Can I just copy paste this and update the greasyfork script?

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Yep, it works! Got help from this post over there.

I’m surprised you found my post :eyes:

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I was doing some maintenance on the forum theme and was searching for your post about the failed @mentions and just happened to see that post in the search (I searched for my name). I just updated the style with some styling for the new “last visit” thing

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WK doesn’t mark which reading is the primary in any way that I can easily check, so I don’t think that I will do anything about this. There aren’t that many items with multiple readings anyway.

Oops, sorry. Forgot that lessons are different. Apologies for the delay as well. It has been fixed now.

Doesn’t the API do this?

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