Kitsun trouble creating custom deck

Just in case no one sees it on the kitsun forum I’m posting here as well. I hope this is the appropriate section.

Hello, so I’d like to create a custom deck to study for JLPT N2. I’m looking for something that covers N5 to N2 vocab minus wanikani levels 1-26. The current Kitsun N2 deck is lacking example sentences for most of them it appears as well as audio. I also don’t know how to incorporate the N2 deck with N5, N4, and N3 so I can just have them all in one place.
I also tried modifying the 10k deck but I don’t know how to filter it to just JLPT N5-N2? Using it at first was very confusing too as it seems there are 6 cards per vocab? Also the vocab’s sentence with audio is in a separate card from the vocab itself so I can’t check after I review a vocab the audio for the sentence.

I was looking for something like Torii where when you learn a card it plays the vocab audio first followed by its sentence audio. It has numerous example sentences right there in the card as well in case you need more to look at. Unfortunately, it only has Kanji/Reading → English and English → Reading, no Kanji → Reading card like in wanikani. This is supplemented in part by allowing you to press tab to reveal the reading when the kanji comes up but I much prefer manual input.
It also suffers from being unable to filter out wanikani vocab by level but I think I’ll make do by excluding it then including it later and just archiving (or as you call it hibernating) vocab as I go along.

I was hoping Kitsun would provide something better but atm I’m struggling to get anything better together. Could someone knowledgeable please show me the way (if it exists) on how to get the deck I desire in Kitsun?

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I hope it’s okay for me to answer here, I cannot access Kitsun forums without vpn unfortunately xD

What I would do with this is to just set my 10k daily lessons at 0, and add words from that google spreadsheet (I think you found it, so no problems there). So copy the words from each level, N5-N2, maybe delete the repeated ones immediately (not sure if those are common on that list) and add them to the front of the queue on 10k, word and then a sentence. The sentences are on the different layout, so you have to click here to add those too → image

If you do it like above, the order in that case would be like “word + word audio” and then “sentence + sentence audio”, so I guess it can kinda solve that? :thinking: You would hear the audio for the sentence right after the word in your lessons.

There are only 2 cards per one word: one for the word itself and one for the sentence. If you mean layouts, then there are 4 layouts for the word: Recognition (Japanese → English), Recall (English → Japanese), Comprehension (Audio → English) and Reading (Japanese → Japanese Reading, I have this one disabled).
And there are 2 layouts for the sentences: Comprehension (Audio) and Recognition (Reading).

You can disable any of those if you want to, you would technically know the Vocab Reading if you have English to Japanese, so I just have that disabled and I say the reading of the kanji when I review them.

For examples you can use the links above on the card to see more, if you want to :smile:

What I would also recommend is to go to 10k settings and in Study Session enable Autoplay front audio (so that you don’t need to click the play button for it every time, you can do that with back audio as well if you want), and Delay card siblings, have that at 24 or maybe 23 hours, but it’s your choice. That would allow you to see different layouts, like English-Japanese or Audio-English, after 24 hours, so that you don’t “cheat” on them. It works great for me, but you can do as you wish:)

There are also options for no typos allowed or just typo warning, so make sure to look into those!